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August 13, 2008

Google in the last days released a beta version of one of the most easy to access and fast SEO application available publicly online. That is “Google Insight for Search” and for the people that doesn’t know it yet is a simple web application that look at the data collected by Google during the search of the users and for every keyword selected it displays the request of that word, the news that are correlated with any peak of Traffic and also the countries that the selected word has been searched… Is really easy and fast and for a SEO/Web-Marketing Expert that is a must application to use for the everyday work…

Anyway I had the idea to use this new service of Google in a way to look at the popularity of the Microblogging services available around the web, just to wee where those services are most important and known. Those data can be in my opinion better than the ones that Alexa provides for the same sites, just because Google uses the total number of Internet Users using their service and Alexa only uses the data provided by people that install their toolbar on their browsers (most of them are Chinese, and can represent only a part of the world)… so one is more objective than the other…

The MicroBlogging services that I have looked for are Twitter, Seesmic, Pownce, FriendFeed, Identica, Plurk and Jaiku, all of them are different for some reason by the others, but they all try to do in different ways the same thing… make the sharing between people easier and faster… and below are the results:







As can be seen the different Microblogging Services has really different Geographical Areas where they prevail, most of them compete in a Global Way and some of them are younger than others and are trying to stole users and traffic to the other ones. A consideration that those data brings me to mind is that some services are really more popular in some countries than in others, and in a virtual level where everything should be global I still see lots of invisible borders… borders that Internet creates… or better that the people using it creates.

Let me explain it in a better way. Internet by definition is a Global Network where people can communicate without borders between each other in a fast, “safe” and easy way. So every single service is accessible to everyone in the world, and can be used by everyone, but I noted that some services are way more important and used in some countries that others, that (in my opinion) can be cause of Language, Friend (word of mouth) and Entrepreneur issues.

  • Language – Over the Internet the most used language is English, if a person want to create a service and distribute it globally, has the need to create it in a language that is shared between different countries all over the world. Miscroblogging Services can be used in different languages, I can share a twitt in Italian, French or any other language… and a big part of my followers are going to understand what I say because they share the same language with me. So if a community with some “Local” language start to use the service and keep increase, people from other languages can feel in some way discriminate because he can’t find the common ground (base) to communicate with other people, because can’t understand the language, is like being in a foreign country where you can’t understand what others are talking about.
  • Friend – For how much Marketing people and SEO are trying hard to find new ways of Web Marketing, the best way to get people is the word of mouth. Find a friend that you know and trust and follow his advice in using a certain kind of service. Friend brings friends to a place and also to a service. For example I tried Plurk because some friend of mine were using it and I decided to try it, so I subscribed and tried it a little… but probably without them I wouldn’t have tryed the service.
  • Enterpreneur – When a person create a service, becomes an enterpreneur… and he has the need to bring people to their service and increase the number of people using that. This example comes to my ming looking at the data of SeesMic, where Loic LeMeur that is French, has lots of (search terms) from France… and if you go on Seesmic you can see lots and lots of post in french… and the Language Filter doesn’t help sometimes… In my opinion is because Loic is really famous in France and lot of his followers started to use the service… creating the danger to isolate the community to a French language one… a suggestion would be to create totally in French for French People.

As can be seen has been said… what I have to say is that Internet is too young to make people think like one big nation of the size of the planet, the mean of communication exists, but there is the need for the people to grow and start to think like a one big country to create a real internet environment… Internet is Global… but are people Global ? Lots of them are global, but there are still some boundaries that has to be filled… and the fists step is to start really sharing a common language (English for example) and start sharing ideas in a language that everyone can understand and not be limited in a geographic way… Will see what will happen in the future and how the Global Dynamics will become…

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