BlogFest 2008 – Italy – I will be there…
August 25, 2008
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This morning I had in mind to write about something else, but cause of some new and unexpected time constraints I decided to talk about an Event that I can’t wait to see and experience… this event is the “Blog Fest 2008“…

This event will take place in “Riva del Garda” the 12/13/14 of September and probably will be the biggest BarCamp ever organized in Italy. I have to say that I have subscribed last week and I noticed that the organization is really active and well organized (they booked the hotel for the night), they have also great sponsors and Bloggers and Geeks are going to share and have fun all together, in a way to create new partnership and friendships.

Can’t wait to be there because I’m going to meet some people that I have met previously at the TeckTalk in Firenzuola a couple of months ago, I’m going to met new and interesting people and I’m sure that those days will be great to create incredible Team Building… and as it’s in the spirit of the BarCamp a lot of knowledge will be shared… knowledge created by people that work day by day with the Internet, that are passionate about and that they create something, in my opinion the best type of knowledge… hopefully not the knowledge of some “Internet Guru” that have the idea they are internet and others are no-one…

Can’t wait to be there and I can’t wait to meet old and new friends… people with different ideas and history that share like me the same passion for Internet and the Web… Meeting on Internet is important but meet by person sometimes is way better.

Also this event will be useful for people to understand that even if Italy is considered (and is) one of the slowest countries in Europe regarding young entrepreneurship, new technology and Internet, there are active people willing to create, invest and risk on Internet… and hopefully would be a start for some important changes in Italy…

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  • dema says:

    I will be there too. See ya !

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