I see Internet Guru changing… and not for good…
August 27, 2008

Before all I have to say that I’m writing this post after a long and big thought… but I have to say that a post like that is needed, because some people are losing the focus on what is Internet and the spirit within it, and most of all they are losing the meaning that they gave to Internet and freedom of indiscriminate information.

As can be seen from the title of this post I mention the word “GURU” a word that I have always hated but that is widely used on Internet, that word is used to indicate Bloggers or Internet Evangelist that has a lot of followers and then a lot of traffic… if a person has a lot of traffic means that is important for lot of people, but they have to understand that this imply also great responsibility, because very likely people are going to follow or to consider what they say… so there is the need to understand that a lot of information manipulation can be done, a thing that Internet should fight. My idea is that on Internet there should be no Internet Guru, because Internet is a network where everyone has the same opportunities of others, and anyone can express any kind of ideas… and users can decide if to follow or unfollow those ideas. The Guru in the network, is a sharing of people’s knowledge, there is no face for the Internet… if we all have the same possibility to show our ideas to the world there is no guru, because someone can rise in minutes and stole followers to someone else, there is just the need of a viral news or video…

The problem with Guru is that sometimes they lose the idea to be equal to other people and they look for every possible way to monetize what they and their popularity… sometimes evolving from Blog to “WannaBe News Agency” and placing more ads than news… sometimes not allowing critics (filtering comments and else) and having ideas of superiority and sometimes making social partnership between them… creating in some way an Friendly Circle that reinforce itself by talking or interacting publicly between each other. I’m not going to make any example of it… but I think that some people understood who I refer to…

Anyway I want to make some good example, of some people that embedded their Internet Lifestyle and their values on it, doing things and not advertising themselves, and that they had the will to try to create something new, something different and not for the purpose to become “Internet Celebrities”. Here are three examples of all people that I follow and I truly admire:

  • Jeff Pulver – I have briefly met Jeff personally for the first time last December at LeWeb3, and I was really impressed from his Charisma and Simplicity (in the Italian sense that means good and friendly)… I knew who he was because when I was working in the VoIP industry I have been to a couple of VON events, and he was friendly with everyone. Then looking at all the things and ventures that he is into and to all his vision and knowledge of Internet, I have to say that i really admire him. Also his blog posts helped me in finding the will to try and risk to realize my ideas and dreams.
  • Jason Calacanis – I admire Jason for his vision and for his clear ideas. Recently he retired form Blogging and he decided to send email with some posts as a mailing list. That’s something to admire. He decided to cut a part of his public side and to focus to create stronger relationships and links with his followers. He want to stay in contact with people, he decided to improve the quality of the interactions with the users and followers, and not to focus on the quantity (like lot of boggers tend to). I admire him for his spirit of adventure and because he showed that blogging an internet is about sharing and not gaining.
  • Steve Jobs – OK… I’m a Mac addict… but there is the need to observe a thing… he is the most private person in the world and everyone knows him… and thing that can shock some people, he doesn’t have a Blog. He doesn’t share thoughts, he shares his vision and his ideas by doing things, and helping people to work in a better Electronic Environment. He only appears at the Apple’s Keynotes and some other random times and then he shares his ideas and his work and give it to people.  The simplicity of his work, the vision that he puts on it… he doesn’t need to have a blog to demonstrate them… he does things…

What I have noticed is that lot of people or bloggers think that they are the best because they have a lot of visibility or followers and they talk and act as celebrities. Real people, real leader, the real people to follow are the ones that do things and not just talk… Having a gain on your ideas and creations is important… everyone has to eat, but living just for the money of fame is not so good.

There are no Guru on the Internet and there are not people better than others… there are people that do and others that don’t… In my home town there is thins quote “Chi sa fare fa, chi non sa fare insegna, chi non sa insegagnare comanda, chi non sa comandare parla” that translated in English is:

Who know how to do a thing, does it,
Who doesn’t know how to do it, teach the others,
Who doesn’t know how to teach, lead,
Who doesn’t know how to lead, talk.

That’s what I see on Internet… and Internet Leaders and Gurus lots of times are not Internet Celebrities. That’s what i see and what I thing, I can be wrong… I don’t know the big part of the people I follow by perosn so I can be wrong… but I took my ideas from what they share…

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