Google Chrome – UX
September 2, 2008

The news of today around the web is that Google is going to launch a Browser in the next weeks. From what I have head and read about everyone in the net is that this Browser is going to change the way that users are going to access to Internet… that thank to a better User Interface and of a deep study on the User Experience.

In my opinion and from I have seen till now I’m not really interested on it and for now I’m not able to see an era-changing browser. The biggest news that people are saying around is that the address tab will be on the top of the browser and not as usually it was, under the address bar. That is something different form the others, but not really something astonishing. For example now imagining me to use that browser I would have the impression to have different browsers in one page and not a browser with different pages on it. Maybe that is what Google is going to look for, but on my point of view I prefer to have 1 browser with different pages and not having different “Browser-tabs” and one page each.

Other big news is that you can customize your start page with different screenshot of different pages… an option that sincerely is not something new, there are some browsers that does that. Also Personally I prefer to have one page to look, that for me at the moment is, but I largely prefer to resume from the last pages opened, in a way that I can go back to work. Maybe would be better to have as a start page a widget like page, full of widgets that you can create and customize, more or less like a iGoogle page that can be codified in a Software like environment.

A point that has to be taken in consideration by everyone is that to create great software there is the need to look at the User Experience, that because you have to start thinking at the way that the User can use it… but there is a question that come to my mind at the moment… What if different products based on the user experience doesn’t work in a good way between them? Maybe I do some code or else that is perfect for my user but the browser doesn’t understand that and to create the best user experience he doesn’t support some scripts or else.

For now I’m staying with FireFox that is the best browser around in my opinion regarding the possibilities that it does and the plugins available… anyway when it will be available I will try it… and will start using it if really i will see that my time management will improve with a good saving of time…

Today the success of an application is about the mark-up in time value that the user gain from using it instead of an another one.

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