We live in the “Web 3.0”
September 5, 2008

Lots of people are wondering at the moment what will be the web 3.0 anyway I have to say before going on that a better way of thinking would be to understand that there is no web 1.0, no web 2.0… there is just an evolution of the web… on how people deal with that… in some way is like saying that we (human being) are Ape 10.0… anyway…

People are thinking and guessing what will be the Web 3.0 (at this link a brief explanation of the debate)… but in my opinion we are using the web 3.0 or better a part of the Web and Internet users, the part that is dealing with mobile devices.

Mobile devices like iPhones for example (but also computer) manage the user to get content and access to Internet in every moment they want, by just pressing a button data are downloaded on the device. In the last months has been released on iTunes the “App Store” that permits to download application to use on your iPhone, there are social apps (like Facebook and Linked-in App) and also more productive ones (like Oracle) anyway they are application that permits to reach data over the internet in an easier way. That in my opinion is what people can refer to Web 3.0… “Specific Internet Data trough a Specific Application“. For example when I use the facebook application I can access to all my friends feeds and pictures, everything is organized in a way to have the better User Experience and also lot of bandwidth is saved, because the application download only text code (and some pictures on request) that are the interactions that the users do, and there is no web graphic to download, just the data, the application organize everything and show you the results.

Web 2.0 has been welcome at the time, in my opinion as a different way that users had to interact with the content, by uploading their own and look for new one… by using specific application there is a faster fruition of the content, because only it is going to be downloaded, can be uploaded without using a web interface, but an interface stored in their own devices.

An another good point is for example is that “Dead time spots” are cleared, for example to upload picture you don’t have to wait for the page to be loaded or else, there is just the need to make the upload request on the software and everything will be uploaded regardless of the speed of the network.

Also with the development and release of new PDA and Mobile devices users are able to use those application also away form their desk and be always online and everything is made easier by the use them. We access to data that we usually would access on a Browser on a Specific Application, easier and faster. An another example is how we use apps on our computers to create content like writing a post. For example I use an editor and by the pressing a button the content is uploaded, then the save content can be downloaded by a RSS reader… the web 3.0 is a BrowserLess environment… What we could have accessed by browsing now can be accessed with an application… that the internet I see and the Internet I wanna live 🙂

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