PR over the Internet – The Scoble Case Study
September 8, 2008

Here is a little post regarding something that can have an acronym like PRoI (Public Relations over Internet), and that in my opinion every person that works or want to be on Internet has to keep in deep consideration.

During the last days I have seen again some movement around the name of Robert Scoble, I wasn’t really surprised about that and I had the idea in the beginning not to consider this new mess, but at the end I looked into it and I have to say that there is a lot to learn on what Scoble says and does, from what I have seen till now there is the possibility to write down a book regarding all the things that he shouldn’t do over the Internet.

The post I’m referring to is the one published 09/06/2008 with the title “Startups: your web site sucks” where he says to 70 start ups that their website sucks. This post really makes me think that he has no clue on what means Public Relations and Internet Visibility. No question that he is a “Top Blogger” (I don’t believe in this word as I have explained in some post before… anyway) and he is followed by a lot of people, but also if he wrote a book he has no clue on the effect that his words can have.

He said also in a Seesmic video that he was saying that if you are a start up and you want to sell and promote your website or service you have to have a good web page that can give a great first impression about you and your company. He has to understand that he can’t say words without giving a good explanation to people and he has to use carefully the words he use, in a way to give the best suggestions to them and also he can appear like a good guy. PR (and diplomacy) means that instead using the words “Your Web Site Sucks” can be used other words like “Your web site needs improvements”… is better, more polite and also gives the impression that he really cares about the startup people and also that he appreciate the effort and the work done so far by them… and why not give them some free consultancy in a way to have people like you and see to the world that you care about other people.

Anyway he should be the last one to speak if we try to remember the previous layout of his blog… probably not the best way to give the best first impression about you and your service… now he has a new layout and is better than the previous one.

Robert Scoble is mostly on the news for things that he shouldn’t have said or done… I can recall some example, like the time at “LeWeb3” that he announced that he was leaving for joining Fast Company without having signed a contract or a piece of paper, or the time he was banned by Facebook when he tried to import his “friends” on Plaxo (those are followers not friends), then other little things and the last day regarding the 70 start-ups. In my opinion he has to learn a lot, he has to understand that any word or act can have a reaction, and that considering himself the best guy in Town really doesn’t work well, there is the need to show respect for other people work.

I don’t know Robert by person but I know him from what he shares with us… and the impression till now is not the best. Anyway I thing that he is good in his job if he is doing what he is doing… but I have to say that I’m not a follower of him, because I follow only people that makes me grow and understand things in a better or different way. Right now I don’t want to follow him… maybe I will change this idea in the future… will see.

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