Blog Fest 2008 – Day 1
September 12, 2008

Finally I’m back in the hotel room and my new Internet Key is working greatly. Today was a long day, some working this morning and then driving for almost one hour to get here in “Riva del Garda” to attend Brogfest 2008. Today even if the conference started at 5pm (at least for me) I have to say that the Travelcamp was really helpful, for the people that i have met and mostly for the session I have seen today.

There has been some session about pure tourism and how they managed to implement a Web Environment to their touristic issues, in a way to increment the followers and get people closer and more active in the place they like to stay and have vacations into… that by just adding some blogging and some web 2.0 environment. Nothing really new or revolutionary, but they managed to get the people write about the touristic place, about their ideas and passions, with the only constant that they had to take full responsibility of what they were writing. Form what I think that worked well because the people that write in that Blog usually they know each other… and in this way everyone knows everyone and has to deal everyday wit those people, that is some kind of innate way to control the content… because they have to deal in first person with their own reader and followers.

Good thing has been the presentation of some start-up that has some good application regarding Tourism:

– Tripshake ( is a start-up based in the UK that is going to build a great environment where people can share knowledge between regarding vacations. In other words the user submit the question, the system elaborate the query and find the answer, if no answer can be found that is going to be submitted to the other users. The service is going to be online soon (in beta test) and points to be a good point of knowledge and opinion for professional travel agents.

– Roomorama ( is a web site that provide a meeting point for people that want to rent and book rooms in some cities (for now NYC). The great point about this is the new payment system, the user that needs to rent is going to pay to Roomorama and the money will be given to the renter only at the check-in after the release of a Coupon. In this way the money are gained and spent only if the two parties offers what they really are supposed to have. The speaker described is as an eBay for Room Renting.

Tomorrow will be an another interesting day… can’t wait for tomorrow to come and meet new people and share more ideas…

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