Blog Fest 2008 – Day 2
September 14, 2008

This morning everything started around 10am, cause of the heavy rain there have been some problems with the location, because they were all open air, but at the end some of the location problems has been solved, anyway all the various camps has been moved and delayed. I have the possibility to attend some different sessions, some more useful than others, but all were incredibly useful.

One of the sessions that I have attended has been the one dedicated to the Future of the Television over Internet, the session has been sponsored by Microsoft and there were some Bloggers but also some important managers from Myspace, Msn, Fox Television Italy and also there was the presence of the television presenter Selvaggia Lucarelli that was bringing not only beauty to the session but also interesting points of view. The people talked a little on how to bring the Old Television Business on Internet, making some reflections on the challenges that it could present, like the Palimpsest of the user generated videos, their fear of the democratization of Internet, and how this different view to access different content to different users can be dangerous for the users in the real life where they can find themselves without nothing in common (false in my opinion because people share opinions on the new series and episodes that can be found on Internet), talked about original miniseries produced by fox and MySpace.

What I have seen is that lot of people has sometimes no clue on the possibilities and challenges that Internet offers at the moment and the new experiments that Internet is making. Those people never talked or even mentioned Apple TV, Joost, Vuze, Zatoo, Hulu and so on… most of them were more concerned about the possibility to deliver the content and gain from it like the old television way. My impression is that they still want to use the Global communication system (Internet) to deliver content locally, in a way that is still bounded on Geographical way of distribution and thinking… as said in some post before “Internet Piracy grew for the delay and the lack of a global distribution of the content“. Lot of them concern a lot about the problem that they can face with censorship and people that fear them for what they can say or not. Internet brings important possibilities there is the need to step up and accept them.

Later in the afternoon there has been a session named MyBlogCamp, something where there have been some “famous” Italian bloggers that were explaining to the people their experiences of blogging. Basically they wanted to Blog just for fun and they do it for passion, from what I have understood what they do usually is to write short posts easy to understand that the user can read in no more than 1/2 minutes, or that can be catchy for the eye by putting inside some images, video and so on. So the secret is to keep short. For now I prefer to have few long posts but with a good analyses.

Then there is the intervention of some italian journalist that expressed the differences between journalism and Blogging and how news on Internet are managed. A person that really impressed me for what he said has been the Filippo Facci that explained some things regarding information research, and how the information gathering is different and how sometime online newspapers tend to have an entertainment approach (especially in Italy) where newspaper put on the side of serious news some entrainment news that links to just images or video, saying also that the news is made by an image that lot of times is not linked or has no explanation on it.

That is for the second day of the BlogFest 2008. I’m happy to be here, I fund new friends and old ones and I created new connections that will be useful in the future. Networking is Good… 🙂 Tomorrow I will post my opinion on the AdvCamp. At the moment I feel like a Journalist that writes down opinion about something… anyway that is only for those days… then my blog will regain his own identity. 🙂

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