Blog Fest 2008 – Day 3
September 14, 2008

Today has been the last of the BlogFest 2008, and this is the last report that I’m going to write about… Today was the day of the AdvCamp sponsored by Windows Messenger and organized by Nicola Mattina. The sessions were really a lot and I’m going to write some of the best Ideas that I consider as great ones… ideas that gave to me something more that other.

There is the need to say that this Advertising Camp was going to try to give the possibility to people to explain what they think about the Advertising on Internet and then their solution of way of thinking about the problem… what I have understood sincerely is that there is a big mess and that lot of people are still trying to figure out how to make work the old advertising business model on Internet… anyway…

I really liked the idea showed by Filippo Ronco, regarding the possibility to advertise on the social network or web sited by selecting to post the advertising not basing it on selected keywords, but with Tags, naming it as “Tag Advertising“, His point of view consist that tags can describe in a better way the product and the place where the AD can be posted. He is trying this kind of experiment with his own web sites that are Vinix and Vinoclick. Anyway there is the need to say that there is a strict selection on the blogs that can advertise on this platform (for now the main theme is Food & Wine), because he things that there is the need to select hi-end and quality sites that can give the user more trust on their choices, is some kind of Guarantee for the final user. That means that only a small niche of the web can be chosen, thing that I really don’t think is god, because it can exclude all the passionate small bloggers that can do really a great work… the great idea is by advertising by using the tagging.

Other idea presented by Gianluca Diegoli has been the possibility to create empowered banners. This idea comes from the user behaviors that “The conversation is the thing that sell the product” and those banner when acting with a rollover can show the discussion about it or more information about it, and by looking at what other users says about it I can decide what to do with it… (other problem that came out is when I can’t find the banner a second time because I refreshed the page). The same banner technology has been shown by that proposed the possibility to book flight trough a banner, but also the possibility to chat with a Bot that can help you to simplify your search and else by just asking that managed to creaes Interactive Browsers, that measn that on a rollover on a banner, it opens a bigger banner that show for example some new flights or more infomration in a way that the information can be seen and stored. Also on Mennenger that brings the opportunity to chat wih the flight companig and ten tehre is the possibility to chat and the bot send me the answer, an example is available on the web regarding house for renting in Italy at

Then arrived the presentation of that presented the VCAM Project, that is a platform where the users can create the commercials for big companies, and that can be useful because people can gain some good money. A different approach of advertising arrived by Pasquale Diaferia that showed the people how he managed to promote a fiction by making something viral on the real world and by using the Web2 to show the world what he did, in this way making the people create the content. Quite a similar idea was explained by Federico Fasce (in my opinion a Real Genius!) regarding the Viral Campaign created by Microsoft to promote “Halo 2” that was ““.

The last bat not least to mention are two different ways to deal with Advertising, that are and The second permits you to subscribe and change the DNS and manage not to load the advertising to the webpages, so that you can load the page faster and also to have a better control of them, the first is really a great project that tries to use a semantic web approach regarding AdVertising.

I have to say that I’m really happy to have met all those people and that they really wanted to share their ideas and knowledge with me and all of us. What I can say for now is that everyone has his own way of thinking and that there are many roads to drive… will see…

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  • Blogfest sounds nice… would have loved to join. Here in Germany the web 2.0 events are a little smaller.

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