Thoughts about Internet and Old Business Models
September 22, 2008

In the last few days I have been able to think about what I have heard at the AdvCamp and at the BlogFest 2008, lot has been said about new models of entertainment that Internet is making possible, but the problem is that people that are working on television or entertainment are afraid of any type of changes on the environment that they know and that brings them money.

They are afraid of the Democratization of Internet and the possibilities that new web services are giving to normal people. They will never admit it, but Television has been really an elite world, a world that everyone aspires, but that few manage do something there… in an hard way to go, and reach the top is possible only with a mix of talent and knowing the right people. Internet manages to people to reach the top without knowing the right people… there is only the need to show their own talent to the world. That means that everyone in the show business, from soubrette to anchorman, to managers can easily be hidden by the next internet celebrity that can be more beautiful or have a bigger charisma. If everyone has the possibility to emerge and be shown to the world the way to the top is going to be harder, that’s because there is more competition, and always new competition… because before there were period where television were doing castings to get new and fresh faces and talents, but now Internet manage to have a casting always open. You just need to do a cheap show and post the videos, if the idea is good it’s going to replace the old format.

That also is valid when you think about AdPeople where they live on the ideas or commercials that they can provide to the customer, but what happens if a company makes a contest and opens the competition not only to the AdMan but also to aspiring AdMen. They have more ideas to use and for sure there would be something great and at the end there would be less expenses for the creation process and you can choose the idea that better suits your product. But that is bad for traditional AdMan where they can find their job stolen by amateurs or random people.

Also people that works in the old business want to slow down everything because if the distribution process will be changed with the use of Internet, lots of people are going to lose their job and intermediate companies are going to close down, that because part or the chain would be replaced or removed completely, and also because there would be the need of a new kind of workers, with new technological skills.

Other reason is that there is no a great business model for Internet entertainment mostly because Internet has been born with the idea of “Everything is free”.

New technologies and methods are going slow because now everyone want a change, because they are afraid and because they want to be in a safe hole for as long they can, say in what hey know and where they can feel safe. I’m no an expert in Television Business, but I had this idea and impression at the conference and also during my internet activity…

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