Being “Lost in Translation” on Internet…
September 26, 2008

Lost in Translation is or sure one of my favorite movies, also one of my favorite lines and I had to study a lot about during my Bachelor. In those days I had in mind those words for no real reason but I started to apply the sense of those words on the Internet and one what we are on Internet.

Usually those words refers to the fact that when something is translated from a language to an another some of the original meaning is lost during the translation, that because languages evolved with the evolution of the society that uses the language and societies has different values, tradition, and also words to explain state of mind, emotions, ideas and so.

This loss applies also when we have to translate the message also in other forms, like writing for example, where the emotion that the speaker puts on it can’t be translated and is lost during the transposition. There is always a loss of meaning every time that we share something in different forms or languages.

This excursus for what? Simple. How much our messages lose during our internet activity? We share really a lot, at least I do… by using social networks, blogs, RSS, Twitter, Friend Feed and so on, we share a lot of us with others in different forms, lots of times in an automatic way and also without any consciousness of it. Every time I share something I feel that there is something missing in the message, usually because there is no way to express what there is truly inside a person, is like translating something to an another language, in a way that other can understand. In my opinion every person can be seen a small society, a society with ideas, an history and happenings that forged the person and his own spirit, and by default every person is different and comes from different environments, and in a certain way everyone of us speak a different inner language that can’t be fully comprehended by any other person, no matter how similar he or she is to us… the fact that the two had two different stories means that they can see things in two different ways… for example a thing that can make me feel good can be feel bad someone else… that is a matter of fact… of course we all share a similar common ground given to us by society but we all assimilate those things in a different way and that shapes us differently.

Multimedia can help us to express ourself in the best way we are able to, we can Blog, we can Twitt, we can “Seesmic”, we can share a song that represent us in that moment… but there will always something missing, something that others can’t understand or that can be misread. Internet is able to express us in different ways, in ways that can permit us to decrease the loss of our messages.

Some could think from my post that maybe sharing is useless because others can’t fully understand, I have to say that in my opinion there is the need to share… because we all see things in a different way, in a way driven by our own inner language… and it’s vital for us to see different sides of the same happening or idea, something that we weren’t considering or else… ways given by our inner language… Internet is the best meaning to share for reasons like, Democratization, Freedom of Speech, Multimedia Sharing, Best Accessibility… all things that can make us share the best of us…

Sharing is important… and sharing your ideas is even more… more we share, more we know about each other and more we can understand what is different form us.

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