Internet is not Dangerous… People are…
September 30, 2008

The title of this post reminds me the motto “Guns don’t kill people, People kill People”… anyway what I’m going to write regards a different theme and then creates different situations, and of course I don’t want to talk about guns, but in some ways there is the need to make a consideration.

This post has been inspired from the news that I have heard on Television, a news regarding a girl that hook up a men on Internet than later he has revealed himself to be dangerous (is not the first news of this kind and will not be the last I think)… and like every time there are the same people around saying that Internet has to be censored, limited, made safer, and so on… and in my personal opinion they have no clue on what they are saying, just because they have never been on Internet and they are free of what they don’t know.

Internet is NOT dangerous, is only the technological meaning that, in that case, those two people met… Internet didn’t made the men evil or dangerous, he was so before they met, and is not true the option that if they meet in a club everything would have been great. Internet doesn’t make meet people, but Information that people share and put online that represent themselves… those informations can be text or any kind of media, but for sure is not the person, just something that represent it, we can know a person by what he shares with us and we can construct our idea of him basing it on what it’s shared.

On social networks we can create our profile and on it put images, videos, applications, text, things we like, the sites we visit more often, our favorite stuff and so on. Those are just information, people can know each other looking at those… learn what we like and we hate and also what we are looking for and what we are not. Those representations is just what we wanna share and what we want other to see of us. Usually people doesn’t share bad things like illnesses, fears or things, usually they share the best part of them, what they want to show.

Meeting a person in the real life, means meeting him/her in a place that he can interact with other people and where something unexpected can happen, and we know a person by looking on how he deals with those things. In a social network the environment is static and there are no unexpected things or surprises, the only thing that both people doesn’t know are the people are interacting with, so is not really meeting a person, is just meeting his virtual representation or “avatar”.

Internet and social networks gives also to every user the possibility or not to lie about himself, covering things that he deosn’t like and show things that he would like to be… anyway in my opinion the media sharing technologies that permits people to share video for example faking information is harder, because fake a line of text is easier than faking a video. Also methods like the pictures of you that can be tagged from your friends is in some cases a good way to “certify” that some of you share is true. Anyway a person can’t be known by his internet profile.

Also I would like to remind people that lots of time what we share can be used and shared by others, that means that there is always a risk, an image of you can be downloaded by your friends and then reused or else, so we have to think what to share and also think that everyone can see that.

What I think is that people create the dangers by trusting people basing their ideas on the way that they represent themselves. Then the difference is only on the way that people met, they meet remotely without meeting in a traditional and old way, in a way where is hard to hid or fake something. Personally I think twice every time I share something on social networks or on Internet and also I’m sick to hear that on Internet you can meet dangerous people, you can meet them also in the bus on the way home, anyway on Internet you can meet also good people.

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