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Open Letter to the Next USA President
October 27, 2008
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Dear Mr.Obama, Dear Mr.McCain, I’m writing this letter to both of you, there are still some days before one of you two is going to be the Next President of the United States of America. I’m not American, I’m a born and raised Italian young man, but I have always loved America and the values […]
eMail Management Tips… Save Time in a Smart Way…
October 21, 2008
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In the last days I have noticed that on Bloggers and on web sites there are nothing really new… and that the things that people are talking about keep repeating by using a circle… now came back in those days the problem of dealing with lot of mails.. and the need to answer to them… […]
That means being smart in Advertising…
October 17, 2008
This post needs no further comments… (Thk to Selvaggia Lucarelli for the news)
Social Networking and Creating Relations…
October 17, 2008
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I slowed a little the frequency of the posts but I have also started a new project, called, a new blog where me and some other collaborators review some new web sites… but after those few lines of advertising 🙂 let’s write about the today’s post. In this period of economic recession, where everyone […]
Small Details makes Things Great…
October 9, 2008
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Designing a web site or an application always makes me feel great… doing all the User Experience Work before and the Implementation Part after really generates me and also in my opinion make me feel great and totally creative… and during those years of work and of being an user, I had to possibility to […]
Love and what Makes Us Do…
October 2, 2008
This post is not about communication, but is about love, or is better to say that it is about things that love makes us do… In my life I have fallen in love some times, but maybe never like once, and that made me understand lots of things, who I am and what I’m capable […]