Love and what Makes Us Do…
October 2, 2008

This post is not about communication, but is about love, or is better to say that it is about things that love makes us do…

In my life I have fallen in love some times, but maybe never like once, and that made me understand lots of things, who I am and what I’m capable of. Unfortunately for some reasons that story had a stop, but never happened a day that I haven’t thought about her and doing so I remember who I am. Love is one of the things that makes us do good things for the the people around us, is what makes us happy to sacrifice some hour of sleep. Thank to that feeling I have seen things in a new way, and I started to do everything I could do to fix or change what I was thinking it was bad, ugly or wrong. In a way to make her live in a better place. I know that those are only words, but that is what I believe and what I feel inside me. The reason I work more and I keep trying do my projects, is just to try to see her smile and being happy… and everyday I think about her I feel the knowing that I will meet her again when will be the right moment.

Love is not only regarding the things that makes us keep going, but also regarding what you like to do… When you love to do something you know everything about and you do it without any problem and without any kind of problem… you are never too tired to do it. So do what you love for the person you love or used to love…

This post has not the purpose to be motivational or else, is just something I was feeling inside and that I wanted to share with you all in respect of the privacy of this loved one.

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