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October 17, 2008
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I slowed a little the frequency of the posts but I have also started a new project, called, a new blog where me and some other collaborators review some new web sites… but after those few lines of advertising 🙂 let’s write about the today’s post.

In this period of economic recession, where everyone is trying to put his web company in a shelter before the Web 2.0 Bubble explodes, Social Networks has been the real main characters of all the web… lots of people are going to reconnect (sometimes after years) and also people are meeting new people. In this moment in my opinion the best social network around is Facebook, cause it’s easy, has a clean and standard style, and there are a lot of people that uses it… and of course lot f my friends that I’m connecting with. Anyway I have to say that lots of times happen a thing that I really don’t like, people that I don’t know at all ask me to add them as friends. I always refuse

Why? Simple. I don’t know them and how I can be friends of someone I never knew about his existence and that I have never shared anything at all… the only thing that I share is maybe that I’m a subscriber of the fan page of “Pizza”… I like pizza like millions of people in the world but that doesn’t mean that I have millions of friends. A social network like facebook in my opinion is something that a person has to use to connect and to stay in contact with his friends and to reconnect with old ones… is not a place where people wins a prize the more friends they have, is not a race… and sometimes I doubt that some bloggers knows 5000 people… anyway everyone choose the way to use social networks in their own way… but please don’t add me to facebook if you don’t know me, if we haven’t met of if we never talked together or exchanges and shared something…

I always had this idea in my mind for a social network, but I have to thank my colleague Natascia about something that she said to me during a working trip, and that I think is one of the keys of creating friendship or a relation… When two people met they share something, habits, what they like, what they don’t their believes… they share always something… more they share between each other more the link between them grows, more they are closer, more they know about each other and in this way the friendship grows and gets deeper… and because the two people has to share, usually the one that shares more is the one that trust more the other and that has a deeper link with the other… so sharing is important to make the link grow and get stronger.

Blogging for example is a one way sharing, where the blogger share to a person that is “Everyone” and that person knows lot about the blogger. Comments is a way to create links with the blogger by the follower.

On social networks this is hard, you can get more info about a person and know him more but can’t be considered as a starting point to create a friendship… That’s my opinion and that what I use facebook for…

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