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October 21, 2008
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In the last days I have noticed that on Bloggers and on web sites there are nothing really new… and that the things that people are talking about keep repeating by using a circle… now came back in those days the problem of dealing with lot of mails.. and the need to answer to them… anyway the same problem would appear again in months… the same questions will rise and the same answers would be given… but now it’s my turn to tell how I deal with email.

First of all I have to say that I don’t have a lot of email in my mailbox everyday, compared to other that receive thousands of them… but here are some thing that I do or I would do to help me dealing with mail overflow…

1. Blog – Lot of us has like a blog or a personal web-page, in the place where we put our email address would be good to write which time of mails I want to receive… If I like to receive resumes or else, or if I don’t like cause my company doesn’t hire at the moment.

2. Use Signatures – People uses signatures to write their contact info. Use them to save some quick answer emails. So for example if you are not interested in something just select the signature that can say “I really appreciate your attention but at the moment we at Abc Group are not hiring, but please look our website periodically for future jobs. Best regards. Edoardo“. It takes seconds to compile everything and you can give an answer to everyone, or you can have a text file and past and copy the text that is more suited for the event.

3. Auto-Responders – Technology can help people in dealing with lots of things. If you receive a mail you can set the Software to write back that the mail could have long processing time and that is possible not to receive an answer. An invite people to write back in some months. That makes the people really better cause they receive an answer and they are sure to have reached the person and that they are considered, also you can have a first barrier, cause people that really want to communicate with you something important are going to make an effort to rewrite to you, random people are going not to write to you again.

4. Different Mail Accounts – Have some different mail accounts that would have different purposes, like friends, coworkers, public, so people would automatically know where to write in base at the address you gave to them.

5. Answer Quickly – People would understand if you answer like a telegraph, the important thing is that they understand the message you want to share in a little time.

6. FAQ – Make a web page where you answer the most common questions that you receive in your mail… then just send the link to the place where there are all the informations the guy needs.

There are also some ideas that I have n mind and that can help me having the best results about mail management, but there would be the need to make a journey on how to decrease the overflow of information, messages and mails… Those are some tips… the one I use, but cause every person is different there are different needs to customize the information flow.

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