Open Letter to the Next USA President
October 27, 2008
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Dear Mr.Obama, Dear Mr.McCain,

I’m writing this letter to both of you, there are still some days before one of you two is going to be the Next President of the United States of America. I’m not American, I’m a born and raised Italian young man, but I have always loved America and the values that it represent, and let me say that I admire it so much that I would love to be part of it, but unfortunately cause of some US rules bureaucracies, it is really hard.

What stand in front of my eyes when I see USA is not a simple piece of land between Canada Mexico and two Oceans… what I see is an idea, a symbol… I see the land of opportunities, a land where every single person that is willing to build something and make a difference in his life, on the respect of others that like him share the same idea and spirit. USA is the land that demonstrated more than once in his young history how it is able to make the impossible possible and that every challenge can be solved trough the unity and inner will of its own people… and for the spirit that embed in his own for me is the country where everything can happen.

This letter has the purpose to remind you two that whoever is going to win, is going to represent this spirit in front of the world in the next years… every time you two are going to look in the mirror you have to see the spirit of a nation, a leader that has to remember to everyone the spirit that your country represent… a nation made by people that are willing to give the best of them… in a way to make a better living for everyone and build together a better tomorrow, a tomorrow that everyone is building in his own part… people that are unite regardless the boundaries of color, race, religion or economic status… cause they all share the spirit that drives the Home of the Brave.

This spirit has been built by foreigners, different people that were trying to find a place where to live and give the best of them and to grow all together, and even if they were different in many ways they all belong together while they look to the American flag and to you Mr. President.

Being the Next President doesn’t mean only that you are going to be remembered in History Books for the things that you are going to do, say and build, but means that you have to lead the ones that knows only to follow.

I don’t know if in the future I would ever been able to became part of this glorious country, but I see the people that has this previilege and that can are proud to be USA Citizens… and personally I envy them… cause USA in my mind is the representation of everything I believe, the representation of the place where people are able to realize their own dreams.

Hope that whoever will win, will remember what they represent, the best of different cultures and the true USA Spirit.

Best & Good Luck for the next mandate
Edoardo Piccolotto
A Wannabe American

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  • Sara says:

    I really appreciate the spirit that is driving your words Edo…I love the US as much as you do, unfortunately I also recognize that the great times have gone, and the country which once represented freedom, courage, willingness to make the world a better place is not the same anymore.
    Unfortunately, the ex-presidents (especially the last one…) are the major responsible for this process, which has led to a country that is stuck, full of problems, disparities and, even worse, manipulated by private interests ! This is not the USA in which I want to live, nor the country in which I’d like my kids to grow in the future !
    I’d love to believe that this elections will change everything, but unfortunately it won’t be so…whoever will be the winner. it’s not even a problem which can be compared with the italian situation, because it’s much more deep-rooted!
    And here I stop because my argument can’t be discussed in this circumstance.

  • Dave says:

    Great letter Edoardo, and I think that you’ll probably agree that the American people have chosen an excellent candidate for the next president. America has a new face and we are all excited to see what change he and his team can bring to us. Even with all the current turmoil, there is hope for a bright future.

    Dave in the USA

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