Social Network… Too Many Friends are not Good…
November 6, 2008
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In the last days I have managed to think about some important aspects regarding Social Networking, and the way that they make us connect between each other. There are several of them and make us connect us between each other, and know ore about each other. Finally Internet made true the words “Will stay in touch” that two people usually say but sometimes they never actually do…

Anyway I have heard some complaints about people that has for example 5000 friends on Facebook and they argues that they have other 2000 people waiting for their friendship request, so they ask facebook to raise the limit in a way to have more friends… then later they are overloaded of information about status updates, requests, group invitations, facebook mails, personal messages and so on… so they decide that maybe is a good move to kill their account and create a fresh new one, so to restart and add only the people they actually know…

I have always accepted requests from people that I have met in my life, I have a little more than 300 friends on facebook and I can personally say that I know each of them and that I have experienced something with them, in my opinion I hope to never reach 5000 people…

There is the need to say that lot of people use Social Media and Social Network for personal branding and as marketing environments, in this way to make themselves know and their product also… so they add thousands of “virtual” friends on their personal accounts not to show friendship to them, but just for marketing and commercial reasons… and after a while you can’t see any more the line between private and public. Social networks like facebook are semi-closed web environments, indeed everyone can subscribe and interact with everyone, but they are closed cause people to interact between each other they need be accepted as friends. Those environments are studies to be in this way… if you want a completely open environment you don’t have to use Social Networks, but a simple web-page where people can subscribe to your feed or simply periodically looking for news on your web page.

As every marketer knows “Word of Mouth” the most effective and important thing to take care in every marketing campaign. So if you make it start in a Social Network, in your profile with 5000 friends you can start with a base of 5000 possible “Word of Mouth Creators” and this is a great opportunity… but what would be the percentage of people that are going to ignore the branding message… a lot… and more likely the people that has thousands of friends and that are overloaded with messages, that manage to miss important ones in front of lots of useless ones… but people with few ones are going to note that and probably start the conversation and an effective the word of mouth, cause they are going to recommend it to people that can care about and that can purchase your service and product. Cause they privilege the quality of the people and not the quantity of them… anyway if we look on the law of big numbers, if you spread to 500 people your message probably there would be more interested than in a group of 300 people… and in the future Social Networks are going to privilege the quality instead of the quantity. Anyway you can start with the quantity of messages, then the Social Network environment is going to increase the quantity of your message selecting and spreading over the right people.

Internet is great and makes you meet and interact with other and in ways that were impossible years ago… but if internet is virtually infinite, the capacities and time of everyone of us are not… that means that we have to choose the people to follow and our friends… to choose what and who we really think is important to follow, and give little pieces of time periodically to each of them. Anyway if you want to choose to have 5000 virtual friends to have a support for your branding I suggest to create also a personal account were to put the people that you really care and you admire… and know.

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