What this Economic Crisis can teach us…
November 13, 2008
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Everyone of us in their lives had some bad experiences that made us grow up and mature in our own personality… everyone had in their own life bad adventures or misfortunes… and personally every time I tried to get the better form them by understanding what I did wrong and promising myself not to do it again… in other words… learn from our own mistakes… or like Nietzsche used to say: “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger“… that is a quote that personally I love…

In the last weeks (even months), one of the most important news around has been that we are entering in an economic crisis and probably in some sort of recession, so bad that everything is going to change… and lot of people are afraid of that. In my opinion till now we lived in an economical environment that was considering only how to make money, to enlarge the profit and of course create revenue… has been a period where everyone was trying to find new ways to make money, to lead the market… and developing ideas in a way to distribute them in a bigger and bigger scale and give them to the world, it was a mass product market where there was no quality, just quantity… and this consumerism took us all where we are… we lost the real meaning of Cost and Saving… and we forget the real idea of entrepreneurship and of gain… there is a simple law to focus and consider… “Make more money than you spend“… and as written before we focused more on the first part than on the second.

There is an example that I want to make, an example that can be obvious but that make think: “There are two friends that produce the same item, Sam sells 100 and to produce them has a cost of 50, Tom sells 70 and has a production cost of 20… they have the same gain that is 50, but Tom spends less to make the same gain…” that can seem strange, but it work, Tom managed to save money and to reduce the cost, that means that he had the need of less money to create the same gain… and less risk, cause if a month the selling goes to zero he has to put 20 of them, Sam 50… when I create or develop some web project I always try to minimize the costs (but not to turn them to zero – I have to keep the quality of service) in a way to get the best value of every cent that I spend, cause I know that every cent I save is a cent that I can invest later. Usually I try to be a one-man-band that ask for help when I don’t know how to deal with some stuff, like coding for example.

This crisis is going to helps us think about how people can do the same product for less money, cause if we really want there would be no obstacles in front of us. This crisis is going to remind us that we have to reduce the costs where we can. This crisis is going to remind us that quality is what really matters to be remembered. This crisis is going to make us find alternatives to use or even push us to create new ones.

After this crisis we are going to be stronger than before, changed, experienced… we have only to look forward and fight against the problems and find solutions to them…

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