Working Enviroments… How Internet is Changing our Economy
November 23, 2008
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Sometimes in my lifetime I have heard from people that I was working with those words “Everyone is important but no-one is essential“… and usually I have heard that in periods where companies were reorganizing, resizing or else… anyway those are different words to say the same thing in periods of crisis for the company (they were cutting jobs)… and what we are living at the moment is an HUGE moment of Economic Crisis.

This economic moment is going to teach us and will make us discover different ways of working, making us living experimenting new trends of teleworking and also making us discovering new ways to “survive”… Lot of companies are going to change they sprit of employment, they are no one hiring for an unlimited period of time, but just for a period that can be renewed in case the company is in need or that the hired is really doing a great job.
That can have some good aspects:

Employ the Best – Companies would be able to hire people that are really worth and capable in doing their job, in the scenario that companies hire someone that reveal to be a bad element, is easy to replace him and find someone better.

Hire when you need – If a company need to have a coder to make an iPhone app, there is the need to hire a freelance and then make him do the work.

Always upgrading – People would be always up to date with the info and the way to work, cause they have to become more and more competitive. So they are willing to keep learning and discovering new frontiers and trends on their field of employment.

Cost Efficency – A company or even a start-up has some budget to live with that means that until they start making money they would be unable to provide a good contract or to hire a person, so if there is the need to cut the costs companies can stop the relation with the employee when the contract expires.

Anyway there is the need that in my opinion there are also bad spots about this environment:

Insecurity – People that are on internship or temporary contract are not able to have that safety that can permit them to make a family or to make some kind of investments, in a way to have that kind of economic safety to create a living with.

Non Respect – Some company and entrepreneurs with no-honor would keep hiring in that way also if they can hire full time without any problem.

There is the need to say that those type of environment would be able to make some new and unexpected scenario:

Damage ablancing – People would have the need to understand if to hire and keep great elements in their company or not. That means that if you hire you have better chances to create a strong bound and to keep a person that is really worth. If you keep renew an internship you can lose the person cause he finds an another job.

More Consultants – People that did lots of internship can have the will to grow and so they strive for a job or even use their own knowledge to create a consulting company. That means that they are freelance and that they cost more to hire cause once they finished the job they go away to find an another job.

Talking about this is always something hard cause you can hurt different feeling of different people… but there is the need to think and understand and imagine that the future would be different from our past, economic models are changing and also would be completely different from the ones that our parents had. The number of people on this planet is growing, and everyone has the right of a job and the right to work… but there is the need to to understand that companies can’t hire without limits… they have to have a gain from what the people they hire produces. There would be the need of creating smaller companies with less people… companies that uses internet to be totally out of the geographical borders… companies that serve a a global market… Internet is changing how we relate and communicate… but also it changes how we work and our economic status… Human societies are created also by the ways the people that are in can communicate and relate, that means that if societies change, economy changes because economy is a way how societies exchange value between them. That means in my view that Internet is changing economy… making the local global and the global local.

I’m not a Social Science expert, but in my little I can say from what I’m experiencing we are changing in ways that we don’t even imagine… the only thing is try to imagine and simulate possible scenarios… scenarios based on our knowledge and expertise… and in the near future lot is going to change, and people would be the main subjects… not companies…

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