LeWeb3 – Day One
December 10, 2008
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The first day at LeWeb3 has been a tough day, mostly because I really didn’t liked a lot of changes of this year’s event. I can remember that my fist impression during the last year edition has been of experiencing something sparkling, young, fresh and powerful, but this years wasn’t.

I’m the kind of guy that loves networking and also I love attend to the sessions, I have to say that living by person you can experience better the speakers and what they are talking about… you can absorb their knowledge and knowledge in a different way from seeing them on streaming over the Internet.

The first speak wasn’t really fresh and nothing more inspiring that what you can read inside a blog post, the speakers were two intelligent people, but even so they managed not to say anything really important, so the second and the third… there was no great involvement and interest in what they they were telling. Anyway even in those easy talking has been said some great quotes, like “Crisis will help rebuilt everything with the new technological environment, it will wipe out everything and then rebuilt everything from zero“. From what I have seen the focus of business and the speakers started to be on Europe, simply because American Economy is in Danger and they need to find new markets… anyway almost all the speakers were American… incredibly they noticed that Europe has different languages and cultures and that they are facing some difficulties in choosing markets.

I’m an European and I can say that before doing business you have to understand the language and the education level of your target, lot of Italian for example doesn’t want to go abroad even for a small amount of time… that means that they hardly are going to use a service that is in English… lots are going to wait for the translated version… even culture plays a great part on the play.

The start up competition has been interesting (managed to lose the speech of Paulo Cohelo) and then I have to cite a product that really impressed me, that has been Productdeev. Something to look at.

The real great talk finally arrived… and they were really priceless, the first one was really inspiring, that was the speak of Morten Lund that in my opinion is really a genuine person and a real genius. He is smart, and he has clear ideas, and he ad the real spirit of the challenge and the call for the adventure. He is a good man and for sure a great boss, he lost some money on a project but he told us that he is happy anyway, and open to other challenges. His minutes on the stage were completely worth the money and time to come here and they really filled my spirit with new hope, a thing that I really needed and that I was looking forward here at LeWeb3.

Thank to Mortern I’m feeling better and more motivated… my trip here reached its goal…

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