2008 what I have learned… looking for 2009…
December 21, 2008
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The end of the 2008 is coming… and like every year that is a moment where I collect all the experiences that I had in the last year and think on them, in a way to learn from the good and the bad experiences…

Of the checklist that I made the last year for the 2008 I have realized not a lot of them… I have to say that happened lots of things that un-focused me from my targets… but those events made me understand what I was losing and also gave me a push in a way to achieve the best in 2009.

In the last part of the year I have met really interesting people, that really managed to give me the confidence to move forward on my challenges and gave me he confidence on my ideas and means… I would love to write their name on this post, but I won’t cause those people already know how much I consider them and how much I appreciate them.

I won’t make a checklist of the things that I want to achieve in the 2009, cause every time something can happen that modify the “agenda” of your ideas and dreams… but I will make a list of the things that I do, that I learned and that I think some people should do to achieve the better of them (things learnt in the last 27 years 🙂 )… everyone is different those are some important things I believe… people can disagree but I will keep going carrying on with my way of thinking.

Smile – A person that smiles manage to create a better environment around them, and that is true. People are less afraid in socializing to you… and also make smile people.

Look Forward – Always Study and Research. To be competitive in your job, you have to be competent, that means study, read other people opinion and even experiment opinions ad ideas in a way to give people new trends and things. Research is fundamental of the things you don’t know and you want to understand or see if that they can be done.

More Confident – Be more confident on your capacities and ideas. Lots of times people that try to torn you down, have just envy for what you are trying to achieve and for your ideas.

Be Simple – When you design, explain or create something, try to keep it simple. People don’t want to lose time to try to understand what you are doing.

Design Thinking on Your Mother Using It – Every time I design something, from a device to a service, the first tester is always my mother. That is because she wants simple things to use, and I want to see if she is able to use them, every issue she find out means that you have to redesign it. Also she is sincere and can tell you frankly if she likes it or not. That is the best User Experience test you can have. The user not expert of the things that you are designing. You have to do the background, but think more about the front end.

Be a Good Man – People says that I’m a kind of good man. I want to stay so. I love to help people.

Focus your Time – Focus on the moment, and in what you are doing. You will save time and give the best of you on what you are doing. Thinking about girls when you are working, probably you would make some mistake on your job, and probably would make you do it again… losing the double of the time.

Challenge Everything – No matter what people say… just do what you want and challenge what people say of you and your ideas. Prove that say you can do something that you know can be done, just need to be proven of your mistake… so prove them you are right.

Look to Problems on Different Ways – A problem can be solved in different ways, just try to look at the same things in different ways, so never discourage and keep trying.

No Fear – Don’t fear what people could think about our ideas. Show them and don’t be afraid to have a feedback. Being called a visionary is always a good thing… means that a new challenge is open.

Be YourSelf – Don’t look to other people life and try to be them, and don’t fake to others a person that you are not. BE your self and don’t cheat… create trust.

Help – Helping people is important and I love them… but help people in difficulties, not in doing their stuff.

Those are a couple of things that I wanted to share with you all… now is the time to let you all with a speech that I listen every time I’m a little down to remember what there is inside me…

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  • Federica says:

    Wow! great suggestions!
    but on one point i dont agree with you.
    According to my experience, everytime i find my self thinking about my beloved, i also find me working better and more…
    i guess love can be a great energy

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