Seesmic and Tomorrow’s Media Conversation
December 30, 2008
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In those days I’m in Boston in a city that I love and I consider like my home, and like every time I go on Vacation I’m never able to take some days off if I have a computer… so I’m taking a little break from my tasks and writing this post that has been on draft for so long…

And news of the day is about Seesmic :-)… In the past I have written some post about Seesmic by analyzing the structure and the communication process, and in this post I want to make some final thoughts about it.

Communication – Seesmic is some ways is advertised like a new way to make conversation by using video. In a communication way the service can be used like that and even if people are trying to consider it as an evolution of Twitter or something similar, in my opinion that is more like a video alternative/evolution of Forums. Twitter and micro-blogging is fast and you have to express concepts in 140 characters and that has to be really quick in creation and reading. With Seesmic you have to watch the full video (that can last some minutes) and then answer, with twitter the conversation is about sentences and not on pages of talk.
That in my opinion is closer to Forums cause, in them you express a full concept that can be short or long and then after someone else can answer to that in the same way. That means that you have to see the full video and then after understanding it you can answer. That means that the message can’t be interrupted by any kind of event (like a chat) and it will stay complete. Then all the messages of the conversation are listed in a timeline, that permits the building of sense and construct a conversation, like a forum. So for those reason seesmic is like a video forum.

Television – Seesmic can be used as a bridge between television and internet, cause people can send comments tat can be used on the TV, but there is a “little gap” that is the HD. The videos generated on Seesmic are in web definition, and day by day the televisions are becoming HD, that means that the quality of web videos are bad and not really attractive form television users. There is the need to cover the quality gap to take a Seesmic like environment on television.

Marketing – As a Marketing Man I personally think that the Seesmic platform can be useful for the future of Internet Marketing, as one of the future possibilities. Customes from crowds became tribes, crowds doesn’t care about each other, Tribes cares about each other (working and researching on this concept). Withe the Web2 environment common people can be an expert on some product just because they tried that product and tell people their impression and if they were satisfied. People are more and more caring about other people opinion than on advertisement… and Seesmic can help people show their idea and vote by looking at the video they did with the device for example. People like to talk about a product and understand the product better for them, by talking and making conversations… and video conversation can certify the opinion and give it more “authority”.

Timeline – Cause of the timeline I want to know if someone else is watching and how many people are answering the video, so I can know how valid can be my answer and how I can build it.

Fear of the Camera – Not a lot people can use the camera and the video, cause of their confidence with their image or voice, or even cause of privacy needs. Writing is easy, cause you are words and the mean, and not a beautiful face. Not everyone is willing to make a video of them.

SEO – For now Video can’t help on SEO, cause their content is not text, even if some tags or a description can be created, the real mean stays on the words of the person, maybe with a reverse text-to-speech.

That is a kind of summary on what I think Seesmic can be in the future, like a future where multimedia will bring new communication environments and methods. I can’t say if Seesmic will be a standard (I’m not a magician) but I can tell that it is a good alternative and a good experiments, that has a lot of possibilities. Will see… anyway I wand to give my best wishes to Loic for Seesmic and hope that it can grow strong in the future. That should be the last post about Seesmic, or it will seem that I’m making advertising for them. šŸ™‚

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