A Social Time-Machine…
January 8, 2009
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It’s three days that I try to write a post but I have no inspiration, probably cause I’m still a bit jet-lagged and tired from work.

A couple of minutes ago I was logged on my facebook account and I was looking at the pictures that me and my friend took during my last period in Boston, and then I started to look back to the Photo of me…

Then I discovered that Facebook is a Social Time Machine. That’s why all the pictures that your friends tagged of you are put in a timeline and your timeline crosses with the ones of your contacts, making you remember the moments that you shared in the past with those people… moments that are incredibly precious. I managed to remember from the last picture of me and my colleagues what we did yesterday, then my trip to boston, then some birthdays, then back in time with my classmates of the master degree… making me remember moments that are important for me… and I have to say that I had really a good trip cause I saw myself a lot of times in funny moments and even smiling.

Everyone of us has his own timeline, that start from the day that we were born and goes indefinitely till the day we are going to day, in this length limited and unknown line we have the possibility to meet people and to share moments, and save those moments on our mind or use any kind of object to recall a particular memory, that for example can be a stone, something we wrote, something we draw and even a picture or a video that we shoot… then we decided to share those moments worth others and link those memories to other people (usually is hard to make a one-man party).

Our time is limited and we have to live it, and share it with the people that we love and with our friends, and share it for us and for the others, in a way to remember the people and to make us remembered… to leave in a certain way the experiences and our footprint around us.

Unexpected facebook with Internet and with his technology makes possible follow the timeline that we decided to share with others and to go back in time and recall past memories and people that we met… is a Social cause we don’t keep those events for us, but we share it with the people we experienced something together and even more important we create a connection.

I invite everyone of you to log on your facebook account and try to follow your shared social-time-line and remember the periods of life that took you where you are now… That can make you remember the best moments of your life and the friends that you have, and the intensity of the moments you shared withe them.

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