Personal Value vs Personal Brand
January 25, 2009
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This post has been inspired by Robert Scoble… as he does lots of times by looking at what he does… this times he added me as a friend of twitter.

That inspired me regarding some trends that Internet and Twitter has in the last times, twitter for business, personal branding and so on. But there is the need to clarify the difference between two aspects that sometimes is mistaken big time:

Personal Brand – The personal brand is when you treat your name, image and so on as a brand, usually people do that to show people their job or product in a way to share more informations about what they do in a way to increase their potential market share and in a certain way to become gurus or important, in this way what they share is seen by lot of people. This is about QUANTITY.

Personal Value – The personal value is when you have you account on twitter and you follow who you care most, in this way you can exchange ideas, and you can know better them, a person like that follow a little number of people cause they want to share ideas. This is about QUALITY.

Scoble for example is building in a great way his own personal branding, even if he says that he keep answering and interacting with 50,798 followers and he is following the updates of 23,782. He sometimes said that he has some problems with twitter cause he lose lot of time looking forward the flux of information he has.

Guessing some math if 3/4 of all his followers makes an update in a day, everyday he has 17.836 updates. Thinking that he read every single update in 1 second he spends a little less than 5 hours a day reading twitter updates. Anyway even he reads or cares about the half of them he uses still a lot of time reading tweet. Something a little crazy for me. I would never been able to do that, if he can he becomes my personal hero.

What i want to say is that an human brain can keep relationships in a decent/good way with more or less 150 people, even in the computer era would be hard to care about 23.782 people. That’s just quantity. Now that Scoble follows me, I’m not happier than before, cause he is not going to care about me more than before, cause I will be just a number between everyone else, really forgettable. I’m a Quality person, I like to meet people and increase my knowledge of them, cause for now I’m building a Personal Value, maybe in the future a personal Branding, but for now I want to keep going on with the quality. If you follow me on twitter, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you, but I want to increase your knowledge with you, and after that you demonstrate that you care about what I say, I will follow you back.

Doc Searls for example is a twitter role model (and for me also a life role model), he follows 333 people and is followed by 5,088 people. He want to keep the best quality of their own relations. Loren Feldman (I think he is still a great guy) was thinking like that till last year, then he followed the branding way. Everyone is free and everyone is smart, I like quality of interactions, other people like to be followed.

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  • Great intuition. I’m not completely agree with your Brand/Value definition, but I think you hit an interesting argument in social media ecosystem.

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