Paper Planes and Paper Letters…
February 11, 2009
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Has been a while since my last post… it has been a thought period, a lot things are happening and those things are changing me… in good I hope 🙂

In the last days I have received a mail.. or better a letter… a paper one. Personally I can say that that it’s the first one in a really long time. Usually I keep all my correspondence in a virtual way, everything every-time with me, the message arrives in seconds… I check the spelling and stuff like that… that letter was really a good one, from a person that is important for me even if she is physically quite far away from where I’m at the moment… but that letter bring with her something important, something like a spirit, there wasn’t just a message, there was also something more.

We keep writing in a digital way, the spelling is checked and fixed almost in real time, the message arrives in second and you know that cause there always a feedback on it… after having received it I wrote something back… and I remembered something that was missing, and that is missing in every email, something that we had to remove from the message to get the compromise for a faster communication and also a shared base for communication in a way that it can be shared between different systems.

With a paper letter I have been challenged to see my calligraphy again, and even if I write down a lot of notes on my notepads I had to look if twice, cause the receiver had to understand the message trough it, and I tried to keep it the most clear and the most simple possible. With it you can express a lot, your personality your situation, the environment you are in that moment. If you are tired or happy the way how you write is different, there is no review possible, every mistake you do will be seen by the other…

Everything can be seen as obvious by all of you, but is not so… until you do or until you try and you challenge yourself. I think that in the future I will write more “handmade” to send to the ones that I want to interact personally, I want to show to them something that Facebook, or emails can’t bring to them… maybe for how much we are becoming digital (and that is great) virtuality will have a big challenge to imitate and transmit what only the human spirit can craft…

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