Next Generation Society. What will be?
February 17, 2009
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In the last days I had some thoughts about Internet and Society… mostly regarding on how much Internet will take part in the creation of the society of the next generation. Even if I’m younger that lots of Media and Internet Guru I wasn’t born with internet and with all the tools that this generation and the next generation will have, I have never been so connected in my life… I grew up as a child in a time where there were no mobiles… and there wasn’t even the shadow of Internet… so i started to think about how the next generation will be different from mine, what they will be missing and how they will create a Society.

On Wikipedia Society is defined as “A society is a population of humans characterized by patterns of relationships between individuals that share a distinctive culture and/or institutions. More broadly, a society is an economic, social and industrial infrastructure, made up of a varied multitude of people“. That means that people that has a common ground meet and relate between each other creating relations and friendships…

When I was young I had a television with 6 channels and everyone was watching the same things at the end… the same movies, the same cartoons, Happy Days and when we were out playing we were talking about the adventures of our cartoon heroes and we were playing Fonzie

Today in my Television I have over 500 channels… I know that I have channels that i will never know their existence that they stream things that I will die not knowing about. Then I have the Internet… that generate content, that has web sites that I would never imagine and I will notice “viral videos” months or years after their explosion…

How the next generation will create communities, societies, with a so broad and different choice of knowledge and entertainment. How they can exchange opinions about what they see on TV or internet, and then create groups and share something. Probably they will connect on some fan site remotely on Internet, and create virtual communities by the use of internet. Are they going to have a broad knowledge of nothing instead of a deep and narrow knowledge like ours?

There are a lot to think about, I can guess something, but I can’t forecast the future, I hope that the next generation will have the will to go out and meet people by person, have fun, make friends, and use Internet in a way to reconnect and connect, but not as a substitution for creating friendship.

Are they going to have a common ground to meet, share and relate?

Will see what will happen 🙂

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