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February 25, 2009
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In the last three month me and some friends of mine decided to create a series of events called Hack-Up. Those series of events has the will and the focus to make something beautiful and useful to others.

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Those events has been created by the will to make things happen, to create something together, to meet other people with the will to hack devices and with different knowledge and professional overview in a way to share different views on the same project. So the designer learn from the coder and the coder learn from the business man… and so on. Is an open-source environment where everyone is invited to come and share and where the the creativity and the ideas of everyone are put in motion.

Those events has some simple rules:

– Maximum 4 Individuals per Group: The groups by being so small, make the development of every single project smoother, cause the people can talk and brainstorm easily.

– 4 Hours of Development: Every group has to develop their own project in 4 hours. A so small period of time can seem too small, that we discovered that it’s incredibly effective, that because people are more motivated in not losing time.

– Every Group a Project: Depending on how many people are at the event, people are going to be created and every group will have a project, project that are proposed by the people themselves.

– No Leader: There is no leader, no one is the boss. Every group will have some sort of “Project Manager” that has the mission to coordinate the project and to collect all the material that are going to be shared for free online.

– Open Source: everything that is created has to be collected and then put on the wiki in an open source environment. So that everyone can access to it and use it to learn or work.

– Free: No money involved, everyone brings what is needed to create the project, in this way people are going to help people, and stronger friendship are going to be developed. Someone offers the room, some else offer the Internet Connection, someone else offer the access to a server and so on.

Those events are also really important because everyone can learn different uses of technologies or discover the possibilities of internet and some services. For example I discovered how is possible to Code on Facebook.

In the video above the is a demonstration on how to Create some funny and simple devices by using Arduino.

Those are some events that I can say that I’m proud to have created, we do stuff and we create something, something personal that are important for us, that make us grow and that make us understand the possibilities that we have by working together.

Right now Hack-Up are present only in Milan (Italy) if you want to come the next time you will be welcome, and if you want to host one in your city or country write a comment below, I will give you all the accesses and everything that is needed to create an event 🙂

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