The truth about Internet Gurus…
March 4, 2009
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I have to clarify a thing, there is the need to understand what is a guru, wikipedia has this explanation “A guru is a person who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority in a certain area, and who uses these abilities to guide others“. This definition appears to me a little different form the perception that lots of Internet People has of this word. A Guru is someone you have a relation, A Guru is a leader, A Guru respects you, A guru guides you, doesn’t manipulate you.

On Internet I see no Guru. People that they believe to be so are people that managed to have a big audience and they can be in some kind called Celebrities, because they have a lot of followers. The difference is between the fact that if Robert Scoble tells people to buy an Hard Drive you don’t go right in that moment to buy it or substitute the one you have with those ones. You say ok… now I know what you suggest… the fist happens if he is a Guru, the second means that he is a celebrity.

Being a guru means also to be leaders, because people look at you when they don’t know what to do, when they are scared, they use your presence like something that gives them power and more confidence in things… I see a lot of intelligent people around, but personally I don’t know them how are they in life and sincerely I don’t see them as a leader… just like some people that says things, that I agree or disagree.

Being a Guru means also respect the people that looks at you. That mean not imposing your thought and your way of seeing things, and even more important not make them believe something that is not true… never misdirect them. I’m referring to the last news (sincerely I haven’t followed it a lot) about if Mr.Scoble follows everyone of his 5.000 friends… he was keeping saying this, but at the end on the web people started to say that at the end he filter everything. That is not being honest and also is not being a Guru.

Lots of Internet celebrities want to be celebrities, and sometimes they changed themselves acting like a Guru. I have always followed people that I see honor in them, I have mine and I don’t want to say names, but I follow them cause I believe in them and in their words, but i don’t look at them as Gurus, but as people important for me, cause they challenge me with new ideas.

At the end I have to say that I’m not a Guru. None told me the opposite šŸ™‚ I have a Blog that doesn’t do thousands of impressions a day, not a lot of people make comments, my twitter hasn’t thousands of followers and so on… but I love sharing ideas… and I that everyone that follows me and that reads my crazy thoughts… thank to all of you.

I will keep being genuine… I promise šŸ™‚

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