Social Networks, When they work…
March 15, 2009
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A lot has been said about social network… but thinking about this issue I can say that in my opinion the real social network starts offline. On Internet everyone can be anyone, with a little photoshop we can change our shape an image or even upload pictures that are not ours and change name… till the possibility to hid our fears and problems in a way that people that we get in touch with will never know. Faking our person, personality and ourselves…

Not everyone does that, there are a lot of people that are responsible and sincere about who they are and what they do in life and so. Some people meet over Facebook or MySpace and share informations and they believe to know each other and some of them start a relationship based on those informations. You know a person when you meet her or him and you see his behavior in there real world with real people and unpredictable situations.

I use also Linked-In were I have my resume and information… no job opportunity ever arrived with that, all the job or people that I have met job speaking are people hat I have meet in meeting or in conferences, all the work that I’m doing in my second job is based on personal relations that I have created day by day talking with people and interacting with them… creating trust and proving them my abilities and maturity… things that for how many informations I share online there is no way to upload the human spirit and the personality of a person.

Social starts offline… relating with people… then you can keep contacts alive ad interacting with people that you met and create something… but with the possibility that everyone can be everyone and write about it there is the need to say that community is based on sharing something true between people, something with a proof… on internet there is a lack of proofs sometimes…

My suggestion? relate with people and create connections in the real world… then use internet to keep those alive…

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