Internet is About Sharing with the Heart…
May 12, 2009
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I started to think about what Internet is really about… connecting people. Seems like a slogan from a phone company but is the truth.

We have to start thinking that there are no borders, that everyone is equal and that meritocracy is what is needed. Life is about knowing and discovering things, and you can know only by learning that people share with you… and people learn from what you share with them. There is nothing more important that creating and making this world better that the day before we were born… greed and money can be a big pain in the ass and a pain for evolution.

Some people with big money or fame start to measure people not on what they do or are, but regarding how much they have in terms of money or fame… personally I try to measure a man by what he does and create with the meaning that he has and from what he can teach to others.

Creating is always a matter of heart… cause everyone of us looks to what it’s around him, what he needs deeply and start to think with the brain on how to solve this idea… but without a ray of heart creation can’t be done. Creation is about caring for other people, the will to make them live better.

Creating is about doing something new, something that are different from what people can do, if we do all the same things there wold be nothing really new. So think different, challenge everything, not be afraid to fail and give a try… hard times wold come but only you know where to take the force to keep going.

Help people around you, they will help you back one day or maybe not, but by doing that you learn new things… everyone has some talents hid inside them… there is sometimes the need to help them discover them… so don’t be afraid and help.

We can help each other by using internet… we can do it and evolve together and find solutions to big and small problems of everyone of us.

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