The New 2.0 Economy
May 31, 2009
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Internet is something like a loop, sometimes things happens to come back, and to repeat themselves… and in the last days came back the need to find a new way to monetize, get revenue and also to get finally a “Return Of Investment” (called ROI) on products and services that people have created and developed.

I have to say that it’s some time that I say that people are willing to pay for quality and not for quantity, people want something that would make them save time on their job or private life, in a way to reach the final result in a fastest and more relaxed way.

In the last days has been told a lot about the possibility that online newspapers would move to a subscription fee to read the online part of the magazine, and in my opinion they are right… BUT they have to give me something more than they are giving me at the moment, for example a Pdf version, aggregators, customization… things that are beyond the news that they can give me, cause I can look on Google or on Twitter or various Blogs to get them in real time. I want more cause I pay for that service.

Online/Jouralists has the need to be payed for their time and work, and advertising doesn’t work really well to get enough or to compete. At the moment entrepreneurs that were working on online news tended to get the most quantity of news, in a way to get more views, have a better SEO and get bigger numbers, without thinking that people can get annoyed by the informations that they were given to their customers… people want to get notified when there is something interesting for them, not regarding everything… they have no time to read and consider everything and they don’t want to be bugged about something uninteresting.

More can be said regarding, but people are willing to pay if there is quality and a benefit in what they are paying, cause it makes him save time and resources… That is my opinion, the totally free is something not stable and that can be used in some cases but not in every single case… Will see what will happen in the future 🙂

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