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Case Study: Flight Control iPhone App
October 29, 2009
There is no doubt that Mobile Marketing is growing and that the new technologies are giving to business some new possibilities, giving the possibility to every user to share ideas and opinions with others via a deeply linked internet environment. In those days I had the possibility to play after some time this iPhone App […]
Venezia Camp 2009
October 26, 2009
Here I’m back from the Venezia Camp 2009… in a week-end I managed to sleep 10 hours, and this Monday morning I’m quite sleepy. Anyway I have to say that this event has been better that the Twitter Camp of the last year, but I have to say that didn’t reached the quality I was […]
When Spirit become Advertising
October 26, 2009
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Last May came out on the internet a video that for a couple of days gone viral between internet entrepreneurs, StartUp owners and people involved on business on Internet. This video has been created for commercial purposes from a VoIP company based in USA, but owns some great point that i would discuss further below […]