When Spirit become Advertising
October 26, 2009
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Last May came out on the internet a video that for a couple of days gone viral between internet entrepreneurs, StartUp owners and people involved on business on Internet. This video has been created for commercial purposes from a VoIP company based in USA, but owns some great point that i would discuss further below the video:

This Video till now has done 257.048 views, that can be said that it got more attention and global coverage that if it would have been aired on the traditional TV channel. The message and the values that they are sharing with other people is not just the name of the company, but a set of messages and ideas that the target that they are approaching is fond and believes about.

1. Embedding the message
They embed the spirit of the StartUp people, the venture, the risk, the will to make new things in a better and new ways, the spirit of the challenge, all values that made countries like USA great countries.

2. Target for USA
Entrepreneurs are not an exclusive of USA, you can find them all over the world and all of them have the same spirit of venture and challenge. Anyway the message is clear as the target, they make a lot of referral to US values, because they want to attract US entrepreneurs, this because they provide their services inside the USA.

3. Target of Tech Savvy Companies
By using internet to show their message, they decided to focus on companies that are tech/internet savvy enough that can valuate the product that they are proposing. VoIP is still a new technology (a technology that is growing) that sometimes is hard to explain to people. Their message is available on YouTube, and targets companies, people that probably already know what VoIP is.

4. Happy and Positive Message
Their message is positive, saying that the economy can be healed by the efforts of great people like entrepreneurs and that the challenge brings at the end the satisfaction and the realization of a dream.

This message is more that a commercial, has been well written and managed to communicate great values, has been an example of faith and recognition of what means to be an entrepreneur. It was inspirational and people were sharing it with others, sharing the meaning, not the product… but of course the product was embedded with the message and the spirit, giving also a great branding image to the company that embeds those values.

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