Case Study: Flight Control iPhone App
October 29, 2009

There is no doubt that Mobile Marketing is growing and that the new technologies are giving to business some new possibilities, giving the possibility to every user to share ideas and opinions with others via a deeply linked internet environment.
In those days I had the possibility to play after some time this iPhone App called “Flight Control” available here on iTunes. This application is very famous and became viral for its innovative gameplay and possibility to challenge friends.


FireMint, the company that created this game managed to make a lot of revenue from this game, but most important managed to embed in the further versions of the game some more features that managed to keep up the user interest in this application, and recently by integrating social media in a way to challenge other people.

Social Application
This application today is able to share the users’s score on a web site and display them on a ladder where you can see how, who nearby your position, are doing with the same game. This is important because you can meet new people with the same interest on the game, challenge them in an ability contest, and see if your actual friends are playing with that. Other important feature that the company created is to merge those results with a Facebook application, where users can link their Facebook profile to their Flight Control profile and manage to create a stronger link between your actual friends. By making a deeper connections and reference between the real person profile (Facebook) and the gaming person profile (Flight Control), the company manages to ignite a deeper psychological aspect of friendship, because it make discover to friends more affinities between them, creating in this way the possibility to create a deeper link. This means also creating the bases for a great buzz marketing and word of mouth dynamic.

Corporate Responsibility
This application inside one of the last versions insert a new map, that is the Australian Outbacks, and they managed to use this update in a way to create a perception of Corporate Responsibility for the brand. On their Blog post it’s written on how they decided to implement the map with the idea of helping the Royal Flying Doctor Service. This map not only gives a new type of game to the user, but gives him consciousness of some reality that in other ways e would never have found.


This game and company made some great marketing experiences in a way to create an addicting product that creates a great word of mouth and also create a thematic responsible corporate image. This application is pure marketing at the web level.

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