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Twitter Lists for Personal Branding and PR
November 30, 2009
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In the last days I have been considering the various evolutions of Twitter and I had some time to monitor the changes that those brought not only to companies that need to update their clients, but also to people and how they tend to use those features to save time and also to use them […]
Marketing and Branding with FreeWare, the MailChimp Case
November 24, 2009
The following one is a good example about how a company managed to attract a great number of potential customers by giving their trial product for free and with the application of great values and graphic inside their brand. Mail Chimp is a company that provides an eMail marketing solution for business of various sizes, […]
Product Reliability as Marketing Value
November 15, 2009
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The title for sure is going to express a lot of points that I want to say in this post, and for most of them this concept can be seen as obvious, but in my experience Marketing is not only about target and advertising… marketing is about all the mechanisms that a company has to […]
The Hidden Value of a Service
November 6, 2009
In the todays world there are different products and services that compete between each other, in a way to win the top position inside the mind of the selected target. Most of the times those products have no differences between each other, except for particulars like price campaigns, packaging and other. What really differentiate one […]