The Hidden Value of a Service
November 6, 2009

In the todays world there are different products and services that compete between each other, in a way to win the top position inside the mind of the selected target. Most of the times those products have no differences between each other, except for particulars like price campaigns, packaging and other.


What really differentiate one product from an another one? The values that are embedded inside the product, the ones that potential customers are going to look for when choosing who will provide for their own needs.
In the case of the commercial above, the company Sedex in his own advertising shows that Secrecy and Trust are two core values of their delivery services, that their communication and delivery are handled in a way that no-one will look inside the envelope or box and that is something important for everyone, from the company to the single person. They are pointing on the value of privacy and security that people are giving to their needs.

This means that FedEx or UPS can’t be trusted, or that their service is not secure? Absolutely not. But Sedex is focusing the attention on something different that the speed of delivery, it’s focusing on something that the competitor are not focusing, they found an important value not used by their competitors. If they are going to use well all the possibilities that will grow from this campaign they can have a strong leverage in front of their competitors.

As last note, I want to highlight an episode from Mad Man where this idea of hidden value is used and explained and this can be found on this YouTube Video.

Disclaimer – I haven’t been contacted by Sedex or any other company to talk about this advertising or things mentioned in this post. This is only a pure analysis of a Marketing Campaign.

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