Product Reliability as Marketing Value
November 15, 2009
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The title for sure is going to express a lot of points that I want to say in this post, and for most of them this concept can be seen as obvious, but in my experience Marketing is not only about target and advertising… marketing is about all the mechanisms that a company has to approach in a way to make its client happy with his own product.


Tweetie 2 is for sure one of the most usable Twitter clients for iPhone, I loved the previous version of this app, and when the second version came out I had no hesitation in downloading it.All the marketing mechanism that they did with the previous version granted them a great coverage of this new version and of course a lot of downloads (and revenue). The first version was easy, simple and reliable, it was doing its job perfectly without problems and cause of my happy experience I decided to upgrade.

After installation I was really happy about the experience and my expectations were met, but not for a long time. After a little I discovered

that it has big issues on synchronization and also in posting new messages, lots of time I was posting old messages again an again every time I was opening the application.

After a couple of weeks of waiting for an update (that never came) I switched to TweetDeck for iPhone, waiting for the update… but now after some time I managed to get used about the software and I’m not really sure to switch back. This is a personal example that shows some important treats that has to be considering on Marketing.

1. Reliability of the Product
If the product is not reliable don’t release it. Every time a new version of something that was perfect is released is bringing with it the expectations of the customers. A product that doesn’t work is unlikely to succeed and create a bad atmosphere around the Brand.

2. Chance for the Competition
When a product doesn’t work the customer loses faith on the brand and to get things done they go to a competitor. The competitor has in this way a chance to impress the new customer showing the solution for their needs. Once the customer is acquired by the competition and get used to the new product, he becomes really a big expense for the company to have it back.

3. Regeneration of the Brand Values
For the reason before not only the re-acquisition of the old customer has a bigger cost, but also the process of Regeneration of the Brand values owns a bigger cost. This is because there is the need to make a PR campaign to have those values back in the mind of possible customers.

To the satisfaction of the customer needs and of a launch of a product, there are a lot of steps involved, steps that has to be linked together and strongly considered. A product that doesn’t work can have the best marketing campaign ever, but if it isn’t reliable is a lack on the mechanism, a lack that compromises everything.

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