Marketing and Branding with FreeWare, the MailChimp Case
November 24, 2009

The following one is a good example about how a company managed to attract a great number of potential customers by giving their trial product for free and with the application of great values and graphic inside their brand.


Mail Chimp is a company that provides an eMail marketing solution for business of various sizes, and they are doing a great on their marketing and branding environment, some good points are:

1 – Free Trial
They are giving their basic product for free to everyone. The basic account has some limitation in numbers, but is essential for people that owns a small business that is still growing. This free trial is important because the customers get used to it and can understand the possibilities that it can give and all the features available. His means that the customer gets used to the system and when he needs more, he is willing to pay for an upgrade, cause he doesn’t want to change his habits.

2 – Great Graphic and Usability
Every single page of this service inspires happiness. The color used are warm color that inspires freedom and gives a welcome sensation to the user. The system is simple to use and in some steps everything can be changed or modified. This system simply works, meaning also that the user gets a great value for free and this stays in its mind as branding values, and when there will be the need to pay a fee, the customer will know that it’s totally worth. The basic customer gives the customer all the monitoring that he needs for a start (of course more tracking features are always welcome).

3 – Connection with other services
In every venture you do, there is always the need to use more web services in a way to get the best results. Wouldn’t be great to have all of them connected together and sharing data? Mail Chimp does that and make people save a lot of time, time that can be given to something else. (Time saving methods are always welcome and gives a great value).

4 – Happiness
In every part of the product there is this easy going will and mood. This means that there is always the curiosity and by using the product cause it’s not boring.

This is a brief checklist of what this company does as marketing, but when you explore it you will be able to see it more ideas and methods that are using in a way to make their brand image great and valuable.
Probably more analysis will come, but I have to say that what they are doing with the branding is great, cause the expectations and the ideas of the customers are always met and the branding process increased.

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