How to Place an Advertising
December 7, 2009
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During this week I have spotted some good adverting campaign on the web, but one of them managed to attract me more than others, for the way it has been placed and also considering the way that the advertisers used the environment to give to the audience the better impression and transmit the core values of the product. The advertisement can be seen in the image below and can be found at this link.


This advertisement can teach us a lesson on how values can be improved and how they can be reinforced by the environment thy are placed inside. Every product has some values, something that can be projected in the mind of our potential customers, values that will make them decide between you and your competitor… values are what people perceive and buy.

The product that is represented in this advertisement is a truck, a Pick-Up truck that in the US are used a lot by construction workers of every kind, and usually advertisers tend to compare every truck with values like reliability, power, toughness, resistance and all the range of values that the target want to drive. On television you can see pretty good commercials of tough man making testing those kind of trucks by doing things that can be soon only on movies. But what is the difference with this advertising? The difference stands on the value perceived by the people.

They created a bridge for the value “Toughness” of the product, by using the place and time when the right type of customers would have been present, by creating an impressive advertising.

Where – A football stadium, a place where two teams made of gladiators are going to fight for victory. Football is a sport where being Tough is not an option. You have be so if you want to win and prevail.

When – During a match of the home team (Detroit Lions), a moment where the training and the strength of the teams will be the core of the afternoon.

What – The product is pure strength, “if the poster of it can lift a load of bricks, imagine what can do the Truck”

Who – The main category of the football fans are construction workers, or people that are related to that type of job.

In the mean while I have made a sketch of a way to measure the possibility that you can have in placing an advertising in the right place and time based on the value you want to send. That can be seen in the picture below:


In this scheme are represented the values explained before. in this graph there is the need to put for those three categories the things that are more and less representative for the core value of the product. Stronger is the value, closer to the center it has to be put. In this way you can have a simpler view of different ways where the value is more perceived by the audience. The three factors (all gravitate around the value) that has to be considered are:

Who is considered… – Here you have to put the category of people that does a job or are involved in the value that your product represent and that you want to use and show in the Advertising.

What product’s Characteristic represent… – Which part of your product represent the Value you want to use? This is important because will be used in the advertising. It has to be clear in the mind of the customer the link between the part and value.

When and Where it’s… – When and where there will be the expression of this value? When the value will be considered as integral part of the event? and When?

Everything is about the value you want to represent and use, more this link and value will be around the customer, more he will perceived it as a Product’s value, and this will give you a leverage during his own purchase choice.

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