Haitian Emergency as Corporate Responsibility
January 18, 2010

In the last days the news has been bad, and there have been some bad news, the worse of that is the Tsunami that hit Haiti. That has been really a bad happening, but there is the need to say that lot of things are getting done, countries and private companies are sending their support in every form possible. At the moment there is the need of everything and in moments like those is great to see how people actually help each other, even if divided by an ocean.


Anyway I’m going to analyze what’s going on around this happening in a way to make people understand how those emergencies creates a possibility on “Corporate Responsibility” for Companies. Basically what usually happens is that companies tries to act in an ethical way so to create a social friendly image around the brand, something that can be used in a way to cover mistakes and the profit that they are having, simply giving it back to the community in forms of things that can help the community that they are profiting on.

The second aspect is that to get the best on the image is to find something that people cares about, that are conscious about the problem, that people see the problem directly. Usually those ideas and needs are usually well covered by the media, giving in this way a bounce effect to the company in form of free advertising. Simply happens that the company uses the media coverage on a problem in a way to increase their good branding.

What actually (unfortunately) is happening in Haiti happened to create an impressive media coverage, and companies decided to move their means and their brands in a way to help those people. That is a good deed from companies, but there is the need to understand that they do that mostly on a branding side.

What happened in Haiti is something new, and like everything new attracts the attention of everyone, media start to coverage the news and keep giving updates, then after a couple of weeks the news is no more new, decreasing the interest of people and so the media. With this loss of focus slowly it disappear, making room for something else.

It’s sad to say that but in the world there are a lot of things that need attention to take care about, problems that companies should help solving before that the media arrives, but that wouldn’t give a good Return of Investment on the charity given, more the happening is covered, more ROI there would be.

How many of you know about the “Rwanda Genocide” happened in 1994? from what I can remember there wasn’t an huge media coverage, but something really bad happened. In this case there is an another factor that needs to be considered, that was a war, not an natural disaster. For companies could have been hard to find a side where to stay and support.

Even Tiger Woods after all the bad media coverage on him decided to donate $2.000.000 in a way to help Haiti. As can be seen from this quick post there is a lot of factors that needs to be taken care of when planning an emergency Corporate Responsibility plan, in this case companies are giving their best side in a will to help people.

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