Nike and Tiger Woods are back
April 12, 2010
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As everyone in the world knows, Tiger Woods is one of the best golf players in the world. The gift that he has in this game managed to give him a lot of fame and fortune, and he was one of the most sponsored athlete in the world.

His personal brand was fond with values like precision, decision, leadership, importance and calm, he was the athlete that was using his own mind to succeed in a sport where an error can be the meaning of failing and falling… most of the time the same situations that managers and CEO had to face during their business life… for this reasons he has been testimonial for Accenture and other business related companies.

A couple of months ago a dark side of Tiger has been unveiled… he was cheating his wife (big time)… just after that the facts were covered by the press, the Business brands started to hide the Tiger Woods image from their brand, because they didn’t want that the bad reputation could be in some way effecting their brand. This can be also taken in consideration as an example for inter-brand management, where different brands work together to bounce (and increase) their respective image and brand values.

The most important fact is how Tiger Woods and his staff managed to use this media coverage to fix the corrupted image of the champion. In this period he asked to be forgiven by his wife, and also to his fan, saying that he has a problem that he is willing to solve and that he is working on that, and most of all he needs the fan support. Slowly this behavior managed to make the champion image go back to greatness, slowly media and Internet managed to show the image of a great champion that fell and that now he understood his own mistakes, and he is ready to be great again, cured and also remorseful for what he did.

Now Nike is using the restored image of Tiger in a commercial (see video above) where there is a mute Tiger listening to the words of his father, and with a look full of sorrow, things that has to be noticed are in my opinion:

– Black and White: The movie is completely in BW, making it really emotional for the viewer, that’s because the user is not distracted by possible colors and pays more attention to the message and the voiceover. Everything is really emotional.

– Dad’s Voiceover: The message is really important, cause of the words used, regarding the understanding of what happened, then even more important the tone of voice, the voice of a father that firmly stands in the front of his son, and the son listen and is even more sorrow, as can be seen inside the look.

– Close Up Increasing: The video closes slowly to Tiger, focusing the message on his sorrow face and on this eyes, till the very end where there is a strong acceleration and the last words, then the next image is the Nike Logo.

– Nike Brand Position: In the spot the nike logo is present not only in two really easy to see spots, but also in symbolic ones, the Left torso and the head. That can be seen subliminally in the mind of people as the Heart and the Mind, so that the brand is inside the Heart and the Mind, two parts really important for a sport, because you play with the heart, but you decide with your mind the tactic.

– The Champion is Back: This is really important for Tiger Woods, because he is saying that he is back in track, that he understood his mistakes and he is ready to win again.

After having seen all those aspect there is the need to see a little further, to see the new brand values that Nike is embracing thankfully to Tiger’s misadventure. Nike is gaining the message With us you can rise from a fall… like THE champion did . Giving the impression that Nike is not only a brand for winners, but also for people that are willing to win again and regain what they lost. That’s is a really important message that Nike is trying to give in a possible rebrand process and if they use it well can be the meaning of an important Return on Investment.

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