Why will I consult ProBono in 2012?
December 31, 2011
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I love consulting businesses, for two main reasons: first, I love helping people building their dreams and realize their projects. Second, I love challenges, that’s because those are what makes you grow up and discover parts of you that you couldn’t imagine.

During the consulting process, you have the possibility to apply reverse engineering on everything that a business has done till that moment, so to understand all the steps that they did, their reasons and their errors. After that you start an improvement process, where you take all the business bits and reorganize them from the bottom-up, in a way to create a strategy that can better fit the environment that the business is acting into, and redirecting resources/energy on specific spots.

In the last months I had the privilege to see friends opening new business and challenging those difficult economic times. They decided to act and become entrepreneurs, take risks, try to gain something on their own, and follow their passion. This is something that (in my opinion) everyone of us, should strive to do someday.

Considering the fact that when someone opens a brand new business usually owns limited resources and business experience, I have decided to help two close friends of mine on their ventures, by giving them for free my marketing and strategy expertise.
My mission with those activities, will be to help them out implementing their startup process and defining their marketing activities, while in the meanwhile I will manage to explore two new industries and learn a lot of things that can be useful in expanding my knowledge (sometime I have the feeling that I’m having the biggest gain 🙂 ).

So starting tomorrow (and next year), I will periodically post updates and lessons learned while helping those two ventures. Stay Tuned!

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