I’m in love with a Dolphin
January 9, 2012
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Almost every day I try new apps, and most of them are completely useless, they are just a clone of other apps, bringing no innovation or any new ideas. A couple days ago, I managed to discover via Jason Calacanis, a new new mobile browser called Dolphin and I fell in love with it.

This free browser (available for Android and iPad) is exactly what was missing inside an iPad, a clean and simple browser that anyone can use. As you can see from the screenshot above everything has been designed, to make users have the best experience during their browsing. Even if this app is great, I’m not going to list all the features, but I will list some aspects that, in my opinion, has to be considered since the start of the development of an idea:

  • User Center:  Make it for who is going to use it. Every single aspect of this app has been done focusing on only one light, the final user. When you use this browser you can see that’s easy to use, the navigation is fast, every button every function is right where it should be. The cure and effort that developers and designers put in this marvelous product is incredible, that managed to deliver what people want. Simplicity.
  • Innovation: You can see on this app a spark of innovation. They didn’t simply wanted to create a browser, they wanted to test a new type of navigation. Indeed there is a feature called “Gestures” that tries (for the first time) to bring the finger gestures into web navigation. If you draw for example an “F”, it goes directly to Facebook. For now I don’t see something totally game changing, but I appreciate it a lot because its something new.
  • Study and Improve: Once a comedian said “To steal is smart, To copy is stupid“. To fully understand this quote, you have to think that they didn’t create the browser, they studied others and create something new, not a clone of something else. This is something you see everyday, but they actually  deeply studied all the browsers available, improving the best features, forgetting about the bad ones, and creating a brand new browser. What did you is to find the best and make it better.

Most of all, you know that you did great work, when others start using your product instead the one that came before yours.

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There are 5 comments

  • Yesss! Dolphin is also perfect for the iPhone, Apple thankfully has not locked: P

  • Yesss! Dolphin is perfect also for iPhone, Apple thankfully has not locked: P

  • Eric Fuhrimann says:

    I use Dolphin on my Motorola Xoom ( thats right Android) I have tried several browers and so far Dolphin is far superior to the others. just add a few of the add ons and you have a very powerful full featured fast Browser. Also their e-mail support is excellent. I had a problem accessing one page and they worked with me until it was resolved. they even sent me the next beta early which fixed the issue. that was 2 updates ago and is improving all the time. Now that I am finished sounding like a sale rep. I really do suggest trying Dolphin I don’t think you will be disappointed 

    • You are totally right! Has been a couple of weeks since I started using it, and I love it. Then I become some kind of “ambassador”(like you), because I have converted 3 people till now to use that browser.

      As always the best marketing strategy is Word of Mouth! 🙂

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