Why Sincerity is important in Consulting
January 16, 2012
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In the last few weeks I started consulting again, and also to think about the real value of education and sincerity.

When people ask you for a consultation (or simply an opinion), they expect (and need) you to be sincere, because they need to listen to a different point of view in a way to step up and improve themselves. Then last week I was talking with a friend about raising children, and told me that in his opinion (btw I totally agree with him), while showing off errors to your son, you have to make him understand that you do that not to hurt him, but because you care and do that for his own good.

By mixing those two concepts together, you can find the very heart of consulting, where you have to criticize sincerely someone because you care about them and asked for your opinion. In those cases people trust you and are looking for a solution to something they care, for this reason you don’t have to show the person (or the business) what has been done wrong or what they should do, but make them understand the whys and your point. When you help friends, sometimes it’s hard to tell him what’s wrong and needs to be improved, but you have to do without hesitation because if you care about them, you want to make them succeed and realize their dream, you want to make them happy , but sometimes the only way to do that is making them a different face of their reality.

While exposing critics it’s important not to make free critics, but always bring a solution or proposal with them. By doing that, you together can understand the degree of a problem, open a discussion about the various possibilities on fixing it, and find a solution. Everyone can tell people what’s wrong about anything, but few can analyze the problem and find a solution. Because they asked your help, you need to make people understand your point and that your critic is aimed to help them, so that they can consider your solution and discuss together the best way to fix eventual faults.

Consulting is like educating, you have to do it with your hearth and always thinking about the good of whom is asking for your help. Saying always the truth about your analysis and opinions, so to find the best solution for a problem.

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    nice post

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    well thought and well exposed Edoardo !

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