Obama Campaign: Greatness by Telling Emotional Truth
January 25, 2012
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Today I run by a piece of the Obama new Presidential Campaign, aim to raise consciousness about one of the many things that President Obama did during his presidential term. His presidential career started with the need to face immense challenges like global warming, financial crisis and the war in Iraq, things that actually were having a great emotional impact on the US citizens. That’s because he was the face of a real change, and people were asking him to solve those problems.

After a 4 years job, a new election is coming and he is running again for President. During those years he demonstrated he made the difference and was able, in a difficult period, to deal with every kind of challenge and managed to preserve the American Dream (and society). A big part of Obama’s (and his competitors) campaigns, would be played on what has been done (and hasn’t) in the last 4 years, comparing what was promised in 2009 and what he managed to achieve.

Heading back on track on the theme of the post, the image above consist in one great example, on how to use emotional communication techniques, to share true stories and validate on the elector’s level, what Obama did. From this example we can see 3 important aspects of whats about relational marketing:

  • Truth: The testimonial in the picture is telling a true story, something that really happened, not something made up for some marketing purposes.
  • Personal: The story has been told directly by someone that actually lived the situation.
  • Emotional: What as being told is something, that change her life forever and that, like her, a lot of people are living (or could live) the same situation.

Those three elements are the base for a great storytelling strategy, that can be used by Obama on his campaign, because there is not nothing better than telling people true stories, and give them the possibility to speak and tell to other people. By using social media like Facebook and Twitter, those testimonials would be able to help Obama on raising consciousness and credibility on what he did in the last year.

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    Besides President Barack Obama, what other politicians are effectively leveraging social media tools and how?…

    The real point is that Obama Social Media Campaign is not aimed to show people what he did. He wants to make people talk about what he did during his mandate. This is a different approach, that adds the real value on his presence on Social Media!…

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