Delta Airlines shows its hidden part
February 22, 2012
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As it is said, content is king and for this reason Content Marketing is Vital. This branch of marketing (in my opinion) is often the very starting point of all communication strategies, because you need to create something new and interesting to offer to your followers, in exchange for their attention, and later, loyalty.

If you want to conquer your customer’s respect, you have to be on their mind an opinion leader and a point of reference. To do that you have to provide good insights regarding the different thematic of your professional field, and share your knowledge.

A good example of content Marketing, has been done by Delta Airlines during their iPhone App promotional campaign, where they shoot a very interesting video about an hidden part of their service… the baggage management. They decided to show the way they work, by answering to a question that at least every traveler once thought about: How does my bag arrives to destination?

The three main points of this video are:

  • Reality: This is not a planned commercial that show how things actually work. This is a real video showing what really happens at every person baggage. Delta is also able to show people also about how hard is the hidden part of their organization, and customers are able to see how big the company it is and perceive how professional they are.
  • Consistency: The content aim is to find and effective way to launch their baggage tracking app, and the content is consistent on the subject.
  • Leverage: Delta used as main psychological leverage the human curiosity. Everyone wants to know more about something they only wondered about and the brand managed to use the high level of user’s attention to show also the real dimension of the company.

This commercial, managed to reach their goal, not only because has been seen more that 1.500.000 times, but they also managed to consolidate a line of trust inside users’ mind, by showing how professional the company can be, in wanting to make them travel peacefully.

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