Tribe or Community. Ask Lady Gaga.
August 11, 2012
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Some days ago, I have subscribed to a new Pinterest-like social network owned by Lady Gaga, and in my opinion this is a genius work, not for the idea itself, but the way has being used.

Before discovering the aim of this move, there is the need to say that every “Social Media Expert”, talks about communities as a collection of people that gather together to share their opinion, but they have also the need to understand another relative of this word, Tribe. A tribe is a close community that gather, protects itself and their similar, that its leaded by a patriarch or a matriarch. Someone that is part of a tribe has a stronger relation with the group than he can have with a community, meaning that a tribe is something that people identify in a deeper level and are able to create a bound.

After the subscription, you receive a message, that is able to describe in a few points the reason why of the community and at the same time defines clear rules, here is a screenshot of the message:

On this message there are some important words that gives an insight to everyone about the purpose of this tribe:

  • Mother: everyone needs a mother and in this case someone that leads and that its full of acceptance. This is able to cover the psychological part of everyone of us that needs security on what we are and a leader.
  • Acceptance: This is a place where people are able to express themselves and feel accepted, every single person is different from another and needs to feel free to be.
  • Home: Every tribe (as everyone) needs an home, a place where to feel safe. This word is used wisely and is able to identify a place where people can feel safe.

I’m sure that Lady Gaga’s first idea and will is to help people feel themselves and don’t feel excluded. On the other side, she is a brand and a music and fashion business and this project is also a mean that she has to create a community aimed to provide a great customer retention (along with free promotions and product feedback). This is double genius, because its a CSR and also a marketing platform.

On a business way this can teach us that we have to identify and understand our customer base, what they think, fear, want and then become the leader that can satisfy this need. By understanding that they managed to create a platform to make people meet together, people with the same needs and of course with the same passion for Lady Gaga. Now if she decides to deliver a new album, she would be able to promote (with a great redemption) its album inside the community, making the tribe explode the promotional message.

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