A Facebook “Like” with an SMS
August 17, 2012
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Social Networks generated a whole new meaning on promotion. First by making traditional marketing pros realize that customers own a voice, and that are not fearing to tell what they think about you. Second, what’s important is not to gain as much likes as possible, but to get likes from people who care and like your brand or activity.

One golden rule on marketing, is to integrate your marketing mix so to drive all different traffic and get the best redemption, as for example a good quantity of hi-quality Facebook like. To reach those results, you need two things: something good to share (that can be considered useful by the target) and clear and usable CTA (so to use at best the action impulse).

On the digital side of marketing, you can easily apply different techniques (some ethical and other not so much) to get those likes, but the real challenge is to bring likes via traditional media, like print or street advertising. As everyone knows we as humans pass just a small part of our life online, as we interact constantly with the real (and analogical) world, so a marketer mission is to target people also on those moments. To cover this digital-analog gap, we can use a technology that people use everyday, Text Messages (SMS).

Facebook indeed gives users to like pages (and receive status updates) just by sending a simple text message with a query “fan yourpagename” to a specific country number (provided by Facebook) that for Italy is 342 4860900. To do that:

  1. Your page needs to have at least 25 likes on a page
  2. Your page needs to have a custom Facebook URL “” so that users can write it inside the text message “fan cocacola
  3. The user need to have its mobile number registered and configured on Facebook

This feature can give businesses to generate new marketing campaigns and improve the coordination of their marketing channels. Think about the possibility to generate a QRcode that you can attach on your street ads (example above), so to allow people to scan it and subscribe without hesitation to your page, or even make people without a smartphone giving you their “like“.

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