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When Gaming can help your Workspace
June 15, 2015
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It’s not a mystery that gaming is something I like and that I have being doing for some time (furthermore I write for and own Gamers.it). In those days is happening the biggest conference in the world, the #e3, where new gaming previews and cutting edge technologies are going to be presented.

On an innovation level, till now I have seen and observed what Oculus Rift has done with Microsoft (video above), that in my opinion this is a great market move (will write about 🙂 ).

I think that, what shown, can generate also some work-related possibilities, that we could use on the following years (or even months). As you can see in the picture below, a person that is playing an Xbox game on a virtual room, and this could represent something game changing, the possibility to create virtual spaces and desktops.


Think about the possibility for everyone to turn on the PC, wear the Oculus and become part of a virtual environment, where you can create virtual monitors to be used, or open a webpage or a wall… in other words some of the possibilities and implications would be:

  • customize your workspace as you want without limits at your command
  • improve your privacy, as everything is shown on your desk or virtual environment is shown only to you
  • limit the number of items that you have to buy, as if you need a third monitor, you just open it, you don’t have to buy it
  • use, unusable spaces, as you can create a room with a view on the sea, also on your basement

On the other hand, what is needed to make it real are:

  • An important processing power, as all the motion and the objects need to be rendered dynamically
  • A way to track your hands, so you can perceive the space in a perfect way
  • A way to work with your input devices, as mouse, keyboards…

Is this a dream? I don’t think so.

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